Clearmatch signs up to Principles for Responsible Investment

Clearmatch is proud to announce that it has been admitted as a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI).

CEO and Founder Greg Symons says “Clearmatch’s mission is to democratise credit by providing investors access to quality credit portfolios, with its marketplace platform, so at it’s very core, Clearmatch has a social  imperative”. Mr Symons goes on to say that “Everything we do at Clearmatch, including our investment process is guided by the values of Trust, Transparency and Control and it became obvious very quickly that we were already living the principles of UNPRI”.

Clearmatch’s Chief Investment Officer, Mark Spring echoes this sentiment by saying “when constructing our client portfolios, we recognise that by applying these principles, we facilitate an alignment between our investors and broader societal objectives. The PRI initiative, without a doubt, has become the benchmark for asset managers seeking to demonstrate their commitment to responsible investment”.

“Because ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) considerations can mean different things to different clients, it is important to remember that when it comes to ESG, ‘one size’ does not ‘fit all’”. Instead, Mr Spring goes on to say, “at Clearmatch we embody these principles through our technology by providing our clients the tools to create portfolios to meet their individual ESG requirements”.

“Finally, our approach to fees is one hundred percent aligned to client outcomes, we have chosen not to go down the path of simply charging clients a fee on total client balances regardless of the performance of their investment” Mr Symons says. “Rather, our fee is only collected on the successful payment of each capital and interest instalment. This ensures direct alignment of the fees charged to the investor outcomes”.

“We are excited to be part of a broader movement which will see transparency and control returned to clients as they seek to be properly compensated for the risk in their investment”.


About Clearmatch

Clearmatch is a marketplace treasury where originators of quality loans can access competitive funding from fixed income investors real-time. Using a proprietary asset fractionalisation technology, funders’ risks are reduced through high diversification, delivering unparalleled transparency.

We offer a suite of alternative fixed income solutions which allow investors to receive regular income streams with risk-weighted return based on the underlying credit profile of the assets.

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