~33% after fee returns – Collins St. Value Fund continues to perform!

The Collins St Value Fund has gone from strength to strength in CY 2019, backing up its #1 ranking based on performance against peers in 2018 with a ~33% after fee return and another 12 month #1 performance ranking against peers as at the end of November.

These returns have been supported by high conviction portfolio positions in names such as Paradigm Biopharma (up over 300%) and Cash Converters (up over 180%).

Success within the Fund, and the establishment of a nearly four year track record has lead the business to expand, with the hiring of a new Head of Distribution & Investor Relations (Rob Hay) in August. Moreover, the Fund continues to build its profile rapidly with interviews on key portfolio positions being recorded with the likes of two times AFL Brownlow medalist Chris Judd.

About Collins St Asset Management

Collins St Asset Management seeks to preserve and grow the capital of high net worth investors over the long term through a high conviction value-based strategy that promotes a genuine alignment of interests between investors and the portfolio management team.  

The Collins St Value Fund was Morningstar’s top performing Australian equities based value strategy in 2018.  The Fund is underpinned by a unique fee structure that only sees fees charged when investors make a return greater than the 10 year Australian Government Bond yield.  

Collins Street Asset Management is Melbourne based and specialises in long only listed securities.  The Collins Street Value Fund is available to investors that are wholesale clients as set out in section 761G(7) of the Corporations Act.

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