Combining the real and digital world using Augmented Reality

FoundAt is excited to announce that the testing for the first prototype version of the personal app is now commencing. This is an important milestone for us here at FoundAt as we move towards our Seed round capital raising, which will allow us to complete the development of the full launch ready product, as well as undertake key public and corporate market trials.

The prototype is performing better than expected and already the minds of the team here at FoundAt are going crazy with a range of new opportunities and applications that will be made possible by this fantastic new technology.

The app demonstrates the advantages in FoundAt’s collaborative World Scale Augmented Reality platform as users are able to view all of their data, as well as that shared with them by others, in Augmented Reality, in the world around them. We have demonstrated that FoundAt’s unique, patent pending approach to placing Augmented Reality content is successful in resolving the considerable limitations that exist with current AR platforms, that are preventing the large scale uptake of the technology.

The FoundAt app will make AR content appear for a user, in any environment, regardless of how much scene change has occurred. We expect that this will have tremendous applications in the construction, entertainment/hospitality and retail sectors to name just a few, given the inherent changes that often occur within their operating environments.

Similarly, the FoundAt prototype has demonstrated its effectiveness in preventing the incorrect appearance of AR content in scenes that may appear similar to other AR platforms, such as isles in shopping centres, libraries, offices or warehouse facilities etc or stair wells or industrial areas that have a consistent appearance. This is an important requirement for achieving the reliability demanded by many commercial applications.

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[FoundAt Prototype App Demo – World Scale Augmented Reality]

One of the most important advantages of this new technology has also been proven to work exceptionally well. The FoundAt app now makes it possible to apply highly accurate geographical coordinates to any AR items, such that they will automatically appear for any users that happen to be within that vicinity. This now makes it possible to do anything from remotely place AR content in a meeting room on the other side of the world, to placing large scale, 3D animated AR content over any city skyline or building etc, without having access to any physical real estate or infrastructure etc in that location.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the future!

About FoundAt Pty Ltd

FoundAt is a truly revolutionary new SaaS / PaaS Augmented Reality (AR) product that is the first to offer true World Scale AR capability.

FoundAt not only solves the problems and limitations associated with existing AR platforms but it also gives rise to a range of new possibilities with its unique approach, including the ability to remotely place AR content in any indoor or outdoor location, anywhere in the world, so that it can be discovered by users in that location, without the need for any input from them, or scene detection etc.

As a result, FoundAt has tremendous potential that crosses a number of market verticals and can be applied to both consumer and corporate applications alike.

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