Commercial property and private mortgage investments offering double digit returns

Active Property Group, a funds management firm offering investment opportunities in the commercial property and private mortgages sectors, has just announced the latest quarterly results for its pooled mortgage fund of 11.04% annualised (2.75% for the quarter). The pooled mortgage fund offers individual investors the benefit of diversification of mortgage transactions and has delivered a 12.50% return since inception.

A large number of new loan opportunities are currently being assessed and Active Property Group are welcoming additional investors.The Group has decided to offer an allocation of 2M Units with no Application Fee for Wholesale Investors (or 50% off Application Fees for Retail Investors) so there has never been a better time to invest.

Active Property Group has also just announced its latest commercial property opportunity in Rockhampton, QLD. It has secured a property with the return on investment of 11.20%* p.a. at settlement (*based on reasonable commercial assumptions, but not promised, and subject to the risks of the investment). The property has six tenancies which are currently all occupied by high-calibre listed, national and Government tenants.

The Group selected Rockhampton as the location of this acquisition because of the diverse industries in the area, the growing population, the high level of development currently being undertaken and the employment opportunities available.

About Active Property Group

Active Property Group is a funds manager helping our clients to access quality investment opportunities. We work with everyday Australians (both wholesale and retail investors) who are looking to make their money work harder and achieve financial freedom. Our two key areas of investment are commercial mortgages and commercial property. We have experienced and professional investment managers (with skin in the game) who always conduct comprehensive risk management & due diligence assessments.

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