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Nvoi Ltd (ASX:NVO)

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Contingent Worker Services, Online Classifieds, Internet, Software development, Technology / ICT
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  • Executive Summary

    Executive Summary

    Our vision is to enable professionals and organisations to adapt to the rapidly changing process and structure of traditional work arrangements, and the advent of the skills economy, by using technology and software to rewire the way we work – for small and medium to major enterprises.

    Nvoi is a full stack technology platform for both businesses and professionals – the stakeholders of the contingent workforce economy. The Nvoi marketplace facilitates the direct engagement between businesses and professionals to engage in onsite work assignments. Nvoi is the employer-of-record managing billing, payroll and workplace compliance, on-hiring professionals to businesses at scale.

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    Whilst many businesses struggle to solve parts of the recruitment puzzle, Nvoi streamlines the process by providing an innovative end-to-end solution to the increasing contingent workforce. The Nvoi platform is mutually beneficial to skilled professionals and the hiring managers who need them, with a user experience that is performance driven, easy to use, accessible 24/7, with no risk. It covers the entire recruitment process and cuts out the middle man to directly connect hiring managers and professionals. This in turn reduces the time and cost to have validated and reference-checked skilled professionals engaged for projects.

    Nvoi trades on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:NVO).

    Board: Andrew Dutton (Chairman), Jennifer Maritz (CEO), Tim Ebbeck, Pamela Cass

    Executive management team: Jennifer Maritz (CEO), Michael Bermeister (CFO and Company Secretary), Adrian Wicks (VP Marketing and Communications)

  • Company Highlights

    Company Highlights

    Since the soft launch of the Nvoi platform in September 2016, user acquisitions have surpassed 8,000 users. The five largest categories of skilled workers utilising the Nvoi platform are: • Design & creative • Marketing & communications • Administration & business services • Finance & accounting, and • Development & engineering

    Phase One of the platform release is currently live in Sydney and Melbourne.

    Phase Two released enhanced platform capabilities. These enhancements focused on a simplified user experience by reducing the friction points in the use of the platform, which improves conversion rates and increases user acquisition. Nvoi has a relentless focus on creating an outstanding user experience and will deliver continued platform enhancements on a rolling basis.

    Phase Three will be scaling for growth across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

  • Board & Management

    Board & Management

    Andrew Dutton

    Andrew Dutton

    Jennifer Maritz

    Jennifer Maritz

    Tim Ebbeck

    Tim Ebbeck

    Non-Executive Director
    Pamela Cass

    Pamela Cass

    Non-Executive Director
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