Consistent returns for APG mortgage fund

Funds manager, Active Property Group, has announced an annualised return of 9.85% (2.46% for the June quarter) for its pooled mortgage fund, a slight improvement on the previous quarter’s result of 9.42% p.a.

The appetite for short-term business loans has remained steady throughout the Covid-19 period. Due to these uncertain times, Mortgage Manager, Private Mortgages Australia (PMA), has introduced more conservative lending policies in order to keep the risk profile to a minimum. PMA has reduced the loan-to-value ratio they will lend at to 70% and is focussing on only lending to borrowers who have strong exit strategies.

The pooled mortgage fund allows investors to invest across a diversified portfolio of commercial loans selected and by an experienced mortgage manager.  All investments are secured by Australian real estate with a first or second mortgage. Extensive due diligence is conducted to determine the quality of the investment and conservative loan-to-value ratios are used.

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About Active Property Group

Active Property Group is a funds manager helping our clients to access quality investment opportunities. We work with everyday Australians (both wholesale and retail investors) who are looking to make their money work harder and achieve financial freedom. Our two key areas of investment are mortgages and commercial property. We have experienced and professional investment managers (with skin in the game) who always conduct comprehensive risk management & due diligence assessments.