Cracks in Supply Chains are Growing – Deoblockchain is Closing the Gap

Thousands of consumers wonder why it takes months to receive goods. Supply chains are cracking and failing to get goods to market. Supply chain Managers are struggling to move goods without error. Businesses are swapped. Systems are grappling and transferring inaccurate / right data between suppliers causing delays, production errors and budget blow outs.

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Today, data inaccuracies continue to flow causing ongoing supply chains issues and no one has found the solution. It’s impacting decision making, production schedules, resourcing, transportation and warehousing costs and speed to market. Frustrations between parties has peaked.

deoblockchain has proven accurate data can flow between players without compromising budgets, overhauling existing systems and disrupting business as usual operations. It transfers accurate data being between supply chains and allows goods to be delivered on time. It’s proven to reduce the cost of doing business (production and resource costs) while removing human error.

deoblockchain is working with a cooperage in Adelaide delivering wine barrels to a Melbourne whiskey distillery experiencing similar challenges especially over COVID. Implementing the deoblockchain supply chain platform enabled them to identify the ‘important’ data, data all parties needed to get product to market quickly and efficiently. They identified the right data and proved they could transfer it in its ‘true source’; no errors. They proved supplier collaboration and delivery of product on time. Internally for the first time, the business saw a 20% reduction in operational costs. It enabled them to mitigate risks and quicken the implementation of critical safety protocols, improve transportation and the upload of product delivery information before vehicles left the facility.

Wolf, Distillery Supply Chain Manager, says “It been remarkable to capture data previously not possible and lead the way to improving our visibility and traceability for everyone in our supply chain”.

What makes the deoblockchain solution unique, its ability to digitally move true source information from one party to another, eliminating human error and enabling supply chain professionals to make accurate on the spot decisions. A huge win for decision makers, suppliers, transporters, and the end customer. For the first time everyone can be confident and trusts the information they receive.

Blockchain is transforming supply chains. The deoblockchain platform is helping industries and businesses identify ‘the right data ‘needed to improve their operations and help gain efficiencies between local and global supply chains; a solution no other blockchain supply chain platform has achieved to date.

Supply Chain Managers using the Deoblockchain platform are marvelling at its agility and capability to scale with the business proving a return on investment. It’s a tool that helps them to plan, scope and test processes before rolling out. It’s not only helping grow businesses but providing true transparency and traceability and helping rebuild trust between suppliers.

About deoblockchain

deoblockchain, an innovation startup solving the impossible for supply chains, focussed on uncovering missing data in real time. The deoblockchain platform is powered by blockchain technology using digital means to capture custom data in real time.

Deoblockchain’s vision to ‘capture all your missing information’ recognises that delivering goods on time and with the right quantity is the prime directive. Without its ability to provide transparency at every stage of a good’s journey, and proof of work with every activity, you will likely remain fragmented and will never be safer, easier and cheaper.

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