Credi Pty Ltd’s CEO set to join FinTech Australia’s board


  • Credi CEO, Tim Dean to join FinTech Australia board.
  • Fintech Australia is the fintech industry’s national body, providing everything from networking to advocacy.
  • Tim Dean aims to help WA-base fintech companies overcome geographical problems.

 Credi’s CEO and founder, Tim Dean, will join the board of FinTech Australia, the national body for the financial technology industry in Australia providing everything from networking to advocacy. The position will allow Tim to face the geographical challenges WA-based Fintech companies face. WA fintech companies make up 9% of the industry nationally.  Tim has suggested that for WA-based companies to become key players, is to enter Australian-Asian based relationships.

Tim brings the knowledge of working in a Fintech company, Credi, which has people using the platform in 27 countries and moving into their revenue phase. He believes that FinTech Australia can help form relationships at federal and state level governments to get access to national events. It will allow for WA-based companies to network and gain access to like-minded companies.  He explains, “As a fintech business owner, it’s always important to have access to any advocacy groups that are in your space…I suppose I work on the basis that if you are in something, you should also be prepared to contribute to both your good and everyone else’s as well.”


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