Credi’s Equity Crowdfund is LIVE!

Credi is excited to announce that their Equity Crowdfund is now live!

Credi is a loan management platform that formalises loans between friends and family. It’s an easy and affordable tool that removes the issues of lending between known parties and offers an alternative to the high interest rates of traditional lenders.

Investment Highlights 

  • Over 5,000 customers leading to $106+ million in loans from minimal marketing
  • Significant investment to date has built a scalable end-to-end platform
  • First mover advantage in a market worth $65 billion in Australia alone
  • Distribution channels through partnerships including Longevity app and JUST ANNOUNCED ride share operator Oscar

Invest from as little at $210 and become part of the Credi journey.

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About Credi

If you’ve ever loaned a friend or family member money, either personally or for their business  you are officially a branch manager of “The bank of Mum and Dad”. You are also a part of one of fast growing sources of finance for the Australian economy. was born out of the pressing need to help establish and manage the growing number of  these  loans between family members, friends and businesses. ” Relationship lending is often at rates way below that offered by banks and other lenders ”

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