Crypto (DeFi) Focused Systematic Investment Fund and Platform with a 90% Customer Retention Rate | Average Return of 23.10%

“Having a systematic approach to investing gives you conviction and tools to use when markets get volatile. Using machines to their fullestwhile augmenting that with human intelligence, can be an incredible edge.”

Charles Meaden, CEO & Co-Founder – Gembot

Executive Summary

Gembot is a FinTech and Fund with an AI investment platform that democratises investment strategies and tools for consumers. Gembot focuses on small and mid-cap US equities, derivatives, and crypto, specifically DeFi. Since its inception, Gembot has averaged a 23.10% return per 120-day cycle.

Investment Highlights

  • The company’s highest return on a 120-day fund is 94.73% after fees.

  • Gembot has closed seventeen 120-day funds with a win rate of 83.25% and an average return of 23.10%.

  • The company’s customer retention rate over 18 months is 90%.

  • Its team and board are experienced in technology. Gembot’s founder has sold a gaming platform and the lead investor and Chair of the Board has invested in four other technology companies.

Investment Offering

Gembot is raising capital through a debt offering and has already raised $2.3M in equity.

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