Data Masking Software Piloted with Global Organisation | Offers 70% Cost Reduction and 300% Increase in Implementation Velocity

“In recent years, we have been experiencing an exciting rapid development of the data solutions market and its related compliance, regulation, and laws. This has led to significant enterprise demand for advanced and automated data masking solutions that minimise the risk of data theft and ensure compliance.

Ravens Data Masking was developed due to a growing global demand, driven by our company’s desire to address gaps in the data masking market. 

We are leveraging our deep experience in data management and data masking, as well as our successful implementations in large banks, insurance companies, and telcos, to establish our product as the most advanced, most efficient, and most cost-effective data masking software currently available globally.”

Itay Sharon & Yossi Hayoon, Co-Founders, Ravens Masking

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Executive Summary

Most organisations require sharing and distributing information for many different purposes. This process involves commercially sensitive data that contain private user information.

Despite efforts to protect the information, data breaches remain to be a primary concern and still happen far too often. About 3.5 billion people had their data stolen in two (of the 15) biggest breaches of this century alone. In addition, current solutions are too expensive, take too much time to implement, and possess an inaccurate approach.

Ravens is a cost-effective data masking software designed to automatically protect personally identifiable information and commercially sensitive data intended for distribution without compromising on quality, authenticity, and usability.

It can provide organisations up to 70% cost reduction and a 300% average increase in implementation velocity.

Investment Highlights

Team Experience

  • Ravens’ leadership brings together more than 80 years of experience in developing and growing IT businesses on a global scale and transforming these companies into multi-million dollar businesses with an edge in software development and data masking.

Product Advantage

  • Ravens uses built-in self-learning, intelligent profiling, AI, and advanced algorithms making it the most advanced automated data masking software in the global market. It provides significant cost reduction and an uplift in capabilities as compared to software provided by IBM, Microsoft, CA, Oracle, and Delphix that require a significant amount of human/manual intervention to discover, profile and deploy.
  • The Ravens software has been completed, tested, and piloted with a global data management organisation and is market ready.

Growing Market Demand

  • Ravens’ potential is bolstered by growing global market demand—USD 483.90 million in 2020; expected to reach USD 1044.93 million by 2026.
  • Based on market demand and growth figures, Ravens’ exit value is at USD 100-300million.

Investment Offering

Ravens Masking is initiating a USD 1.5M capital raise in this seed round in exchange for
20% equity (ordinary shares). This is at a valuation of USD 7,500,000, based on:

  • Forecasted earnings
  • Peer comparables
  • 3rd party valuation of IP

More information on this valuation can be provided upon request.

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