Digital marketplace expands into beef, growing its impact on global food fraud and supply chain inefficiencies

A lack of transparency and ethics in global food supply chains result in food fraud and supply chain inefficiencies, costing the global economy over US$100bn annually. This environment also creates a lack of trust, where the origins of food and sense of community between producers, chefs and consumers have become lost. Farmers and fishers, who were once the lifeblood of our communities, have become faceless suppliers. Their regions are invisible and the supply chain a black box.

Two Hands is an Australian startup born out of a desire to change the way people connect with food and rebalance the power of supply chain middlemen in favour of producers, chefs and consumers. Its mission is to restore trust and closeness between fishers, farmers, chefs and consumers, bringing trust once implicit in local villages, to the global village.

Two Hands is a digital marketplace, disrupting and reinventing the food supply chain by humanising cutting-edge technology to create ethical connections. The marketplace is based on blockchain and bespoke technologies, starting at the ‘source of truth’, the producer. Each product is tagged and the location, weight and quality recorded. Orders are placed directly from chefs, aggregated and sent directly to restaurants, avoiding numerous middlemen in the traditional supply chain, including wet markets in China. Blockchain technology validates the source and the product journey, providing full transparency to Two Hands users. Each smart-tag is unique and customised, enabling chefs and customers to see videos of the specific producer, the region in which it was harvested, sustainability information and a blockchain dashboard showing how it came to be on their plate.

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Two Hands prides itself on ethical supply chains and dealing directly with farmers. Founder and CEO, Greg McLardie, says “A number of blockchain traceability applications are available globally now, but most have been built to overlay on existing food supply chains. They are focused on the tech rather than resolving important user pain points. Our collaborative, reinvented supply chain eliminates multiple middlemen, delivers blockchain integrity, and frees up costs.  Consequently, we can financially incentivise our marketplace users and earn a commission from every transaction. With our focus on the user experience and with the direct connection of producers, chefs and consumers, we are seeing significant user benefits”. This is proving a rewarding strategy as the Company is capitalising on greater demand for safe, ethical and sustainable food after COVID-19.

Launched in August 2019 with Southern Rock Lobster, customers already include internationally recognised hotel chain Waldorf Astoria in Shanghai. In August 2020, the Company successfully launched Australian beef sales on the marketplace. Customer response has been overwhelming, with volume demand growing 150% week-on-week. Recent expansion in the number of seafood producers (including salmon, barramundi, abalone and mussels) will significantly boost revenue growth into Q4 2020.

Customers have introduced Two Hands to the Hilton Group China, Marriot Group China and Intercontinental Group, presenting a significant pipeline of demand growth. Discussions with these Groups reveal food and financial fraud are two of their biggest issues. Two Hands resolves food fraud and will soon have a solution for financial fraud.

With an addressable market exceeding $130bn, there are exciting opportunities for Two Hands to capitalise on its disruptive technology and provide safe and ethical international food trade.

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Milestone achievements

  • Established company in China, with sales operations and marketplace app working within the Great China Firewall.
  • One of the first in the world to monetise a blockchain application addressing a critical, real-world issue.
  • In August Two Hands successfully commenced beef sales with one of its marquee customers, the Waldorf Astoria.
  • Significant recent expansion in the number of seafood producers on the marketplace, with salmon, barramundi, abalone and mussels now available.

About Two Hands

Two Hands is a marketplace connecting producers directly with restaurants and consumers. We restore provenance, traceability, ethics and human connections to the food industry. Using blockchain and bespoke technologies, our reinvented food supply chains improve efficiencies, user profitability, quality, safety, transparency and authenticity. Two Hands is one of the few companies globally to monetise a blockchain platform, solving global issues worth US$100bn.

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