Digital Transformation Accelerator Program Workshop: Helping to Move BFSIs Towards Digitalization

Digital transformation or DX has been the buzz term for a lot of companies for the past several years and this year is no exception. Pushed to accelerate innovation programs by the on-going global pandemic, companies are accelerating their digital transformation or DX projects to address the challenges brought about by COVID-19 to their business, markets, and customers. However, digital transformation is not just about an IT committee drawing up computerization plans and hope it works. Technology is just part of it. Companies need to only have a solid strategy for rolling out DX projects but also manage change brought about by DX and what better way to start learning to do so by undergoing an intense workshop on digital transformation.

Geniusto conducted its 4th DTAP workshop. Originally conceived in 2017, this workshop is in its 4th iteration, improving over the years to reflect the ever-changing requirements in Geniusto’s market: the financial institutions. The 2020 DTAP event, which ran from November 23 – 26, was a momentous event for the company as it surpassed its 2019 registrations by more than 100% with more than 110 people registering for the virtual workshop. Unlike the previous years where the attendees came from banks, this year’s DTAP attendees were an eclectic mix of professionals from various industries and agencies. This reflects the value that DTAP has and, as a result, several financial institutions are interested in engaging Geniusto to run a DTAP within their company.

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Discovering Market Challenges with DX

The workshop was full of discoveries for Geniusto and all the participants. Conducting random but perfectly timed polls during the event, attendees shared the following information on how they are going about their digital transformation projects:

1. Gathering ideas applying emerging digital technologies in new ways to solve business problems

2. Segmenting customers

3. The main disruptor or the primary objective to a digital strategy or digital transformation

4. The biggest challenge faced now in terms of the digital transformation project of your organization

Looking at all the challenges above, it can be safely said that respondents are facing challenges in varying degrees and depth but have one common thread: the absence of a DX strategy and the lack of a DX playbook. Building DX strategies and constructing DX playbooks are one of the core strengths of Geniusto. From capacity building programs like DTAP to its next-gen platforms and solutions, Geniusto can deliver a holistic DX solution to banks, financial service institutions, insurance companies, and other agencies or companies that can benefit from what the company has to offer.

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The Proof is in the DTAP Pudding

There are DTAP pieces of training but there is the DTAP workshop – and it belongs to Geniusto, having run DTAP events since 2017. In 2018, the company ran a DTAP event at the Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas (DTAP) along with two other partners. The event was an overwhelming success wherein more than 150 organizations participated. The satisfaction level by attendees on how the workshop was conducted and the level of quality of the content again proved the efficacy of the program.

An overwhelming majority rated the quality of the program as very high (see chart below), with 5 being the highest rating. As with past DTAPs, the last one (again) provided the quality that Geniusto’s DTAP Workshop brings to any company

Geniusto looks to equip as many financial institutions as it can with its technology and platforms so that these organizations can better serve their market, will remain relevant in the years to come through digitalization, and improve the productivity of the organization. The company believes that, for the institutions that are just starting their DX journey, the DTAP Workshop is the best platform to get started. The majority of the attendees believe so and are overwhelmingly willing to recommend companies within their industries to take the workshop, as reflected in the chart below:

Your DX Program Starts with an Inquiry

The trick is to managing DX is to chop it down into small, manageable sizes and Geniusto starts that by providing a workshop about digital transformation. At Geniusto, we cover the digital journey of the organization and its employees through a digital transformation accelerator program or DTAP. Through this program, Geniusto provides not only the best practices for digital transformation but helps company companies understand the change process that goes with digital transformation. At the same time as building up the capacity of a company to manage and run digitalization programs and projects, Geniusto’s suite of platforms can accelerate the digital transformation of a company and future proof the organization.

All of these and the road of your company towards a highly successful digitalized future starts with an inquiry to and Contact us now and let us learn how we can help you take advantage of what DX has to offer.

About Geniusto International

Geniusto is a fintech enabler, a solutions and services provider. This is not just what we do. It is who we are. We deliver end-to-end next-gen digital banking technologies to: Banking, Securities, Finance, Insurance (BSFI) and other sectors globally. Working closely with local and global partners, we enable solutions that accelerate economic growth through: digital transformation, financial inclusion, and financial education. The ASEAN region is our new focus, in addition to countries across Europe and MENA.

Headquartered in Perth, Australia with operations in: Philippines, Singapore, & UK, our “Bank-in-the-Box“ modernizes and transforms legacy institutions. Our technology is supported by 4 in-demand platforms:

  1. Omni-Channel
  2. Loans Management
  3. Core Banking
  4. ePera,” a social banking “B2B2C” ecosystem currently being deployed for 20M users in ASEAN.

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