Digital Twin AI Platform Named Top 100 Global Innovator in 2021 by WEF | Share Price Increased by 161% | $12M Raised Since Inception

“The time to cut carbon emissions is now, and the world knows it. The Digital Twin technology sector is forecast to grow over 15x – from $3.1B in 2020 to $48.2B a year by 2026.

Government and industry leaders are investing in Digital Twin technology at unprecedented rates to meet international emission reduction agreements, and make massive savings as we ‘Build Back Better.’

Our Clean Cities – Clean Future initiative is well underway in NYC, Las Vegas, and Pittsburgh. We’re on track to officially launch by 2022 – starting with ten major cities before we roll out to over 300 cities around the world. This initiative is also aimed to protect our forestry and agriculture using carbon offsets or trades.

Join us in our mission to build the future the world is waiting for, together with our network of over 5,000 investors from 20+ countries.”

Michael Jansen, Founder and CEO, Cityzenith

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Executive Summary

Cityzenith is the leading Digital Twin AI platform for highly efficient, low-carbon cities, buildings, and infrastructure, from the architects of Google Earth.

Urban Digital Twins are digital representations of the physical built environment, including transport networks, buildings, and infrastructure, connected to all the data in and around them. Cities are now rolling out this innovative technology to aggregate, simulate, and manage complex solutions while predicting energy consumption, financial outcomes, and emission output at scale through the Clean Cities – Clean Future program.

Investment Highlights

  • Cityzenith’s Digital Twin platform SmartWorldOS™ is attracting major investment, commercial city programs, contracts, and international awards.

  • Cityzenith has been named a Top 100 Global Innovator in 2021 by The World Economic Forum and is currently onboarding major international cities and building asset owners to its Clean Cities – Clean Future program.

  • The company has raised $12M since its inception. The CEO & Founder delivered 17x for early shareholders on his last venture with Sequoia Capital.

  • The company has raised close to $4M towards its $15M Regulation A+ raise. Upon reaching $5M, Cityzenith will be able to list some of these shares on a pioneering secondary trading ATS where investors can realise some of their early investment much earlier than what was previously set with (or made available to) US-based private companies.

  • Cityzenith’s share price has increased by 161% to $1.50 since the beginning of the year. The company has a goal of between $5 and $10 a share within five years by adding 1% of buildings within 300% of major cities to the platform technology.

  • Digital Twin technology is forecast to grow annually from $3.1B in 2020 to $48.2B by 2026 (Markets and Markets).

  • Cityzenith has delivered $5M in new contract values and $11M in the commercial pipeline in 2022.

  • The company has signed five new cities since September alone, including New York, Las Vegas, and Phoenix.

  • Clients include CBRE, Atkins, US Government, New York City Brooklyn Naval Yard, Orlando SED, Downtown Phoenix Inc, Green Building Alliance Pittsburgh, UK East-West Rail Project, Amaravati Smart City Project, AFG, and Lamina Towers Jeddah.

Investment Offering

Cityzenith is raising $15M to accelerate its growth.

Visit the company’s investment portal here for more details.

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