Discover Australia’s leading and world’s first non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange, and how it secures the global crypto exchange system.

Elbaite is a super secure and world first non-custodial peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange based in Melbourne Australia. Elbaite was born in 2017, and after a successful beta program, and launched to the public in May 2019. It is currently growing volumes at 124% compound quarterly growth rate, and users at a 21% compound monthly growth rate. COVID-19, and the subsequent economic crisis, has made digital currencies skyrocket in interest, and Elbaite is poised to continue to grow in one of the fastest growing industries ever.

In February 2019, Elbaite closed its pre-seed, raising $80,000, and 7 months later in October 2019, Elbaite secured a $165,000 investment from angel investors including one of the first EOS investors at a pre-money valuation of $3.6 million to close its seed round. Elbaite is seeking to raise $900,000 for its pre-series A capital raise at a pre-money valuation of $7.5 million.

Elbaite’s patent-pending and world first non-custodial trading model combines blockchain verification with instant banking escrow functionality to enable seamless super secure wallet-to-wallet and peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and digital assets exchange. Trade Bitcoin, Gold, Silver, DeFi, and other leading digital assets directly with other traders. Elbaite continues to push the boundaries of blockchain innovation and is putting Australia on the map as leading Blockchain nation.

Capital raised will be used to accelerate the growth of its domestic footprint through customer acquisition and product development to further establish Elbaite as the #1 super secure exchange.

Elbaite Investment Highlights

  • Elbaite is a rapidly growing peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace, growing volumes at 124% compound quarterly.
  • First to market in Australia in 2017, Elbaite is growing its users at a 21% compound monthly growth rate.
  • The platform supports more than 20 different digital assets including Bitcoin, Gold and Silver and USD stable coin DAI. Further digital assets will be added in the near future. The most out of any other P2P exchange currently.
  • Elbaite has successfully raised capital through pre-seed and seed rounds and has a clear path to significant profitability.
  • Elbaite is currently finalising a pre-series A round of A$900,000. Register your interest now to participate in this investment opportunity.

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Coupling the security of an Australian escrow bank account with the safety of decentralised trading to create the safest and easiest cryptocurrency exchange, traders exchange digital and cryptocurrency assets without depositing it with the exchange. Seamless wallet to wallet transfers between buyers and sellers mean confidence, security, speed, and the world’s first fiat non-custodial cryptocurrency exchange.

Since being founded, Elbaite has grown with numerous awards, including as a finalist at the 2020 Fintech Australia in excellence in Blockchain innovation. It continues to grow as traders seek safer ways to buy and sell cryptocurrency, particularly high-net worth individuals, SMSF’s, and fund managers who prioritise security above all else.

Elbaite was established in 2017 after co-founder Morty experiencing and hearing about cryptocurrency exchange hacks and losses was motivated to find a solution. He got to work on designing a better exchange model designed with the blockchain in mind, no longer did he want the exchange to hold any cryptocurrency. Inspired by the Bitcoin whitepaper; if Bitcoin is peer-to-peer so why can’t the exchange be peer-to-peer too? That is exactly what Morty created, the world’s first crypto to fiat, peer-to-peer exchange that holds no cryptocurrency. Crypto is sent directly from one user to another, no centralised wallets, no smart contracts, and no difficult to manage and develop centralised exchange infrastructure.

Elbaite utilises the Blockchain to do the heavy lifting, meaning not only are traders’ digital assets secure because its within their own personal wallets, but also it means Elbaite has very little overhead costs compared to the expensive to run, manage and develop exchanges currently.

Buyers enjoy:

Zero deposit fees – no pre-funding required to start trading!

Zero deposit wait time. No deposits mean no waiting!

Zero withdrawal fees – the crypto is sent straight to your wallet!

Set your own price and amount – create a buy offer and wait for the sellers to come to you!

Seller can enjoy:

Free to Sell – Elbaite does not take any commission on your sale

No chargeback fraud – You will always receive your money from an Australian escrow bank account only!

No risk of your bank account being closed – We have an excellent relationship with Australian banks and great reputation!

Privacy – Your bank details are never shared with the buyer.

Elbaite is capital raising to continue to grow, grow, and grow users, volumes, and new markets, with an experienced and effective team, Elbaite is on the path to be Australia’s next cryptocurrency juggernaut.

About Elbaite

Elbaite is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange focused on providing a safe, simple mechanism to trade cryptocurrencies for AUD. Traders can exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other major cryptocurrencies for AUD. Elbaite’s proprietary platform uses a patent pending AUD escrow function and on-chain validations.

Buyers and sellers can advertise their intentions, find a matching counterparty and execute quickly and safely using Elbaite’s unique trading model. Elbaite receives the buyer’s AUD payments into a trust account, and notifies the seller that their money is in safe keeping.

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