Diversified Alternative Fund with Double-Digit Return Target and Absolute Return Focus | Already Secured 7.9% Total Investor Return in Just 3 Months (February to April 2021)

“The WealthLander Diversified Alternative Fund is an all-weather, multi-strategy fund which provides investors with an alternative and actively managed investment. It is a good complement and diversifier to more typical long-only property and equity investments. 

The Fund strongly aligns with clients’ wants and needs—resilience, positive performance, low downside risks, genuine diversification, and a performance-based fee structure.

It is seeking to raise $100M FUM in the next 1-2 years, and is pursuing a limited capacity and high performing investment strategy for family members, friends, and clients.”

Jerome Lander, Chief Investment Officer, WealthLander

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Investment Specialty

WealthLander is an investment manager focussing on meeting the needs of astute and sophisticated wholesale investors. The company’s product, the WealthLander Diversified Alternative Fund (the ‘Fund’), employs a wide range of actively managed alternative investment strategies to achieve consistently positive performance.

It provides a diversified portfolio with an absolute return focus, strong risk-adjusted returns, lower drawdowns, and less volatility than a typical Australian equity fund. To date, there are only a few similar offers in the Australian marketplace.

Unique Investing Methodology

Capital Preservation and Compounding

  • Wealthlander has a strong focus on capital preservation and achieving long-term compounding by avoiding large drawdowns. It aims to achieve much greater compounding than equities or bonds over time (and an entire cycle) by avoiding significant losses when markets fall.

Strategic Investment Approach

  • Wealthlander’s three-stage investment approach of top-down dynamic asset allocation, risk management, and bottom-up research helps identify future strategies for prevailing and anticipated market conditions.
  • The investment approach is insightful and research-based with significant upside potential whilst being risk-conscious and resilient through diverse conditions.
  • The portfolio construction promotes diversified exposure using a range of alternative investment strategies, managers, ETFs, and direct investments globally.

Track Record

Double-Digit Return Target

  • The WealthLander Diversified Alternative Fund targets a double-digit net return per annum over three years. It is on track to deliver on the target as it secured a gain of 5.4% in April, resulting in a total investor return of 7.9% for the first three months.
  • An investment of $100,000 (from 1 February 2021) into the Fund is now valued approximately at $107,942 (as of 30 April 2021).

Team Experience

Proven Track Record of Leadership

  • Dr Jerome Lander, the Fund’s Chief Investment Officer, has held numerous senior investment management positions, including being Chief Investment Officer of the highly successful $12B Workcover Fund, the best performing of 100 of Mercer’s institutional clients. He was also a Diversified Assets Portfolio Manager at Credit Suisse and the Head of Manager Research at Van Eyk.

The Offer

minimum investment of $100,000 is needed to participate in the Fund; this option is available exclusively to wholesale clients.

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