DocDoc recognised by major exchanges, invited to NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange

The world’s most renowned stock exchanges recognised DocDoc mission and their contribution to healthcare.

DocDoc featured in NASDAQ Spotlight series

DocDoc was featured in NASDAQ’s Spotlight series which highlights entrepreneurs changing the way industries operate by developing and successfully implementing innovative solutions at scale. At a live broadcast interview, DocDoc’s co-founders shared the DocDoc story and our vision of transforming the face of healthcare and insurance.

DocDoc’s pioneering vision to empower patients to make informed decisions through quantifiable medically relevant data is starting to take root in global consciousness.

DocDoc invited to New York Stock Exchange

DocDoc’s co-founders were invited for meetings and a private tour of the New York Stock Exchange last month. The opportunity serves as inspiration for DocDoc, as we continue along our journey of growing our company, building our patient intelligence platform and expanding our services to benefit patients and healthcare systems around the world.

DocDoc gives Asia’s healthcare sector a boost in the technology race

DocDoc’s President, Grace Park, spoke to ABS-CBN about the unique strengths of various Asian countries when it comes to healthcare and what’s needed to put healthcare at the forefront of innovation. She stressed the need to recognise business models that eliminate conflict of interests between important stakeholders and incentivise them to develop mutually beneficial partnerships.

Asia Insurance Review highlights how DocDoc is transforming the insurance industry

DocDoc’s co-founders talk to Asia Insurance Review about the origins of DocDoc, the inefficiencies and flaws of the medical system and what needs to be done to transform the insurance industry into a truly consumer-centric industry.

Singapore’s healthcare inflation rose 10 times faster than economic inflation in 2018 and is set to grow further in 2019. A report by Google, Temasek, and Bain & Company, shows that insurance is one of the five sectors that are most ripe for disruption. According to Axa’s CEO, to survive in today’s competitive world, insurance companies will need to shift from being purely claims settlement companies towards providing services that solve the customers’ needs and consequently reduces their risks.

About DocDoc

DocDoc is Asia’s leading health insurance technology company. We provide data-enabled value-added services to insurance companies for their policyholders. Our services, spanning more than 23,000 doctors in eight countries, vastly improve the policyholders’ experience in consuming healthcare. DocDoc’s AI-powered doctor discovery, telemedicine and cashless services enable insurance companies to offer a differentiated product in a crowded market.

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