DomaCom Ltd CEO Interview

DomaCom Ltd is an Australian company which has started the first, and only, Regulated Fractional Property System in the country. We are all familiar with the concept of buying a fraction of a company in the form of shares through the stock market. Now it is now possible to buy a fraction of Australian residential, commercial and or industrial property.

This is not a typical property trust where the investors have no say as to which properties are being invested in. Instead, this system allows every investor to choose exactly which property, and bid for how much of the property, that they want to own.

DomaCom have the only Australian Financial Services Licence in Australia which allows them to also run a secondary market, allowing investors to re-sell part or all of their fractional property holdings to the secondary market, much like how traders buy and sell shares in the Stock market.

Please listen to CEO, Mr Arthur Naoumidis to find out more about DomaCom.