Dovetail Presents at CRIISP Demo Day in Melbourne

With new property developments opening to investors only a few weeks ago, Dovetail Developments was delighted to exclusively present these offerings to investors within the Wholesale Investor community at the CRIISP Demo Day in Melbourne late last month. This exclusive presentation can be viewed below.

Dovetail Developments, a multi-awarded property developer, launched its first deal rooms for both their Residential Townhouse and Childcare Centre property developments within a week of discovering CRIISP at the Wholesale Investor Founders Event ran in conjunction with Bluerock. Cameron Bloomfield, Director and Founder of Dovetail Developments, was impressed by the platform’s potential to digitalise and streamline the capital-raising process, enabling greater productivity and convenience for both investors and companies alike. Constant improvement is one of Dovetail’s key values that underpins all aspects of the business, so it was of no surprise that Cameron saw this platform as an opportunity to increase efficiency. “Both our Residential Townhouse and Childcare Centre investment opportunities reflect Dovetail’s latest program of projects and the steady cumulative growth we’ve experienced over the course of our 9 years in operation. So it made sense to launch these investment offerings at such a future-focused event,” stated Cameron.

To find out more, contact Cherie on (03) 9583 3486 or visit Dovetail’s deal rooms to view the Information Memorandums:

Residential Townhouse

Childcare Centre

 Cameron Bloomfield, Director and Founder, Dovetail Developments, presenting at CRIISP Demo Day Melbourne.

About Dovetail Developments

Dovetail Developments is a multi-awarded property development company located in Melbourne’s South East specialising in developing architecturally inspired multi-unit townhouse projects and childcare centres. Dovetail provides a holistic end-to-end service offering, encompassing property research, acquisition, design, sales & marketing, finance and project management.

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