DroneShield’s affirms inroads in Saudi Arabia amidst coordinated terrorist drone strike

The Wall Street Journal is reporting today that in the recent hours a coordinated terrorist drone strike hit at the heart of Saudi oil production facilities, sparking an enormous blaze and forcing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to shut down about half of its crude output, equating to be about 5% of worldwide production.

This underscores the need for effective anti-drone technologies. DroneShield has made substantial inroads in the region:

  • DroneShield has previously announced a $3.2 million contract with a Middle Eastern Ministry of Defence.
  • In its most recent quarterly report, DroneShield stated that it had been awarded the preferred bidder status on a $60 mil to $70 mil contract with the same Ministry of Defence user.
  • In that quarterly report, DroneShield also mentioned other multi-million dollars Middle Eastern contracts that it is working on.
  • DroneShield has also recently disclosed to the market a Memorandum of Understanding with an arm of The Saudi Telecom Company.
  • DroneShield’s stocks have since surged 25%.

We are aware of the urgency of the issue and the magnitude of this recent attack and are in touch with our Saudi partners.


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