Ducere Announces Partnership with Monash University South Africa


  • Ducere Group has partnered with the Monash University South Africa.
  • This partnership will deliver degrees within the areas of Cyber Security and entrepreneurship.
  • Ducere is currently in the final stages of closing its funding round.

Ducere is very excited to announce a significant partnership with Monash South Africa. This expands Ducere’s footprint to 3 major universities across Southern Africa. The partnership will expand the current degree offerings of Ducere in the fields of Cyber Security and entrepreneurship.

With a number of university partners around the world, and degrees focussed on being the most industry integrated in the world, with Global Leaders and Global industry partners, Ducere has set the foundations for leadership within the higher education sector.

Ducere is currently in the final stages of closing its funding round. For any enquirers or interest, please Request Offer below for an Information Memorandum.

About Ducere Group Pty Ltd

Ducere is a recognised global leader and innovator in the development of Higher Education technology and curriculum in partnership with major universities. Delivering strong profits, with universities around the world we partner with global leaders and global corporations to provide the most industry relevant, digital-based degrees.

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