Dunstan Baby Language Featured on Oprah Prime Time

The Dunstan Baby Language was brought to the attention of the producers of The Oprah Winfrey Show when independent research company, The Leading Edge conducted research with over 200 mothers in Chicago, Illinois. The Oprah Winfrey Show contacted Dunstan Baby’s public relations agency in Australia and invited DBL to go to Chicago to be involved in the show. The Oprah Winfrey Show featured all five words, allowing parents everywhere to listen for themselves and understand what their baby was saying.

“How effective is Baby Listening?” 
In our research, 9 in 10 mothers told us that DBL works – and they would recommend it to other parents. As mothers and fathers ourselves, we know that the recommendation of another parent is a strong inducement to trial. Positive word-of-mouth can be the most credible recommendation.

“What are the main benefits of Baby Listening using DBL?” 
The biggest benefit to parents from using DBL is that it gives mothers and fathers a sense of confidence that they can take care of their baby. Once crying is under control, the baby becomes more settled and the stress level in the household drops. When the baby sleeps so, can mum and dad. Parents can work as a team; both confident in the knowledge that they can understand their baby’s needs and settle her quickly. DBL takes much of the guesswork out of caring for a newborn.
Importantly, infants especially benefit from calm and responsive care giving. They feel more attached and secure knowing that their language is understood and that their needs will be met.


About Dunstan Baby Technologies

There is a Universal language spoken by every baby around the world!

Every baby is born with the ability to express their basic needs through sound. Eight years of research has found that there is a common language shared by ALL by babies throughout the world. A simple language babies use to communicate their needs.In 2006, a uniquely talented Australian woman by the name of Priscilla Dunstan discovered that certain phonetic sounds produced by infants all have specific meanings.

Eight years of research proves that this Secret Baby Language is simply the baby’s way of of telling us what he or she wants. And, what they want is based on only 5 of the most common physical needs of all newborns and infants.

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