Ecocentric Numen energy demonstration invite

Ecocentric Energy creates and conceives next-generation technologies.

You are invited to attend an information evening on:

Ecocentric will demonstrate the unique and game changing Numen energy enlightenment system in detail, including:

  • Numen energy dataset platform – Data is now considered the ‘new oil’
  • Arc Detection in electrical infrastructure – increased safety for all
  • Load Identification – What machine is working and when is it working
  • Mode Idenitification – what part of the machine is working and how
  • Global Device signature Libraries – Every Device has a unique fingerprint
  • Features and Benefits to all market sectors
  • Investment Opportunities
  • Power Quality Solutions

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About Ecocentric Group

Ecocentric is a purpose driven business that has developed a world leading digital transformation technology for anyone who uses energy, Numen.

Numen is a digital insight platform and marketplace powered by an energy dataset gathered from the world’s machines, buildings and industrial plant (the Built World) with capabilities beyond anything else in the market.

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