EduTech SaaS with 15% MRR Growth Rate | $69B Serviceable Market

“My alma mater doesn’t know my evolving interests in the last 20 years since I graduated. Neutopia personalises lifelong learning around an alumni’s current needs – think Spotify for learning.

COVID-19 has escalated the need to identify new ways for learners to connect amongst themselves and their institutions and for digital community relationships to thrive.

There is also an increasing interest in lifelong learning. Because of the pandemic, this growing trend has unlocked other opportunities for short-form learning, upskilling or new education, and micro-credentials as a regular and expected path in professional enrichment. 

The serviceable market that Neutopia is addressing is over $69B, and by 2026, the opportunity for Neutopia will exceed 1,800 clients and $79M in subscription revenues.”

Jamie Engel, Founder and CEO of Neutopia

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Executive Summary

Neutopia is an EduTech SaaS platform designed to serve modern alumni engagement by providing personalised content, facilitating communities, and delivering ongoing learning.

The platform builds on the affinity and networks established through learning  increasing the value of communications, outreach, and the opportunity for further education between individuals and organisations.

Neutopia increases the lifetime relationship of its client’s end users by increasing brand loyalty through a more enjoyable and relevant user experience. The platform sees alumni as future learners, not former learners.

Investment Highlights

  • Neutopia raised $240K in its pre-seed round in 2019.

  • The product is in the market with six education clients hitting $8K in MRR.

  • Over the past six months, Neutopia has doubled its revenue with a 15% MRR growth rate. It is on track to double again by the end of 2021.

  • The company has onboarded ADHD Australia, Wholesale Investor, and Compton School in the last three months.

  • Neutopia launched a sales and marketing campaign at the beginning of October, aiming to double its clients by the end of 2021.

  • The platform is addressing a serviceable market of over $69B.

  • The team has 50 years of collective domain expertise in education and technology with a competitive advantage to scale globally through a strong leadership team, extensive professional networks, and great culture.

    • Mark Sollis, the Head of Growth, served on a major review of an education system affecting hundreds of thousands of young learners and all those who work with them. After two years of work, the team delivered a robust and thoughtful collection of changes that received almost universal acclaim.

    • Jen Wilson, the Co-Founder, has extensive knowledge on growing, expanding, and selling a startup, managing an acquisition, and not losing a single staff member through the process (with 6+ years of average staff retention).

  • Neutopia’s lead investor has already been secured for the current round.

Investment Offering

Neutopia is raising $1.5M in its current seed round with committed funds from a family office as a lead investor.

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