Elbaite grows trading volumes by 1000% in 6 months on Australia safest cryptocurrency exchange, and files patent for its innovative and world first technology


  • Elbaite grows trading volumes by 1000% in 6 months
  • Patent filed globally for world-first cryptocurrency trading technology
  • Bridging round successfully completed with participation from all shareholders
  • Over 18 different cryptocurrency and digital asset markets to trade
  • Partnership with an Australian NeoBank established to bring cryptocurrency exchange services with full banking capabilities.

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Melbourne, Australia – 17 March 2021: Elbaite Pty Ltd, the Company developing the world’s most secure cryptocurrency exchange for high-net worth and institutional investors has grown trading volumes over 1000% in the last 6 months.

The cryptocurrency industry has been building momentum over the last few years, and in 2020 it has become mainstream, with many of the world’s biggest financial institutions, and investors now holding Bitcoin or wanting to offer cryptocurrency services. The rapid rise in Bitcoin prices has coincided with the financial turmoil in the capital markets as a result of Covid-19, and has pushed professional investors to seek exposure to Bitcoin and other digital assets. Demand for secure, and safe methods of access to Bitcoin markets has driven the demand for Elbaite’s unique exchange which securely enables direct wallet to wallet transfers, and bypasses any need of centralised wallets that could be hacked.

In December 2020, Elbaite successfully completed a capital raise with participation from all shareholders to fund Elbaite’s patent filing globally which was completed in January 2021.

Elbaite’s patent covers its world first, and unique trading technology which is at the core of its exchange products.

Elbaite has additionally signed a partnership with an Australian NeoBank, a first in Australia to bring digital currency exchange functionality directly to the banking industry. The partnership will look to produce products and services combining private banking, lending, and instant payments, with cryptocurrency exchange services.

Elbaite will be continuing to further grow its institutional grade capabilities, and services as well as offer the most secure digital currency exchanges services globally in 2021.

About Elbaite

Elbaite is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange focused on providing a safe, simple mechanism to trade cryptocurrencies for AUD. Traders can exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other major cryptocurrencies for AUD. Elbaite’s proprietary platform uses a patent pending AUD escrow function and on-chain validations.

Buyers and sellers can advertise their intentions, find a matching counterparty and execute quickly and safely using Elbaite’s unique trading model.

Elbaite’s trading model combines blockchain verification with instant banking escrow functionality to enable seamless super secure wallet-to-wallet and peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and digital assets exchange.

This is the future of cryptocurrency exchange technology, and model.

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