Elevation Digital have attracted a top – level team of executives amongst KPMG, Goldman Sachs and Deloitte to facilitate the digital transformation of the economy.

“Digital Assets command an integral position in the Digital Age; the Digital Transformation will see all assets represented digitally. It is our Mission to facilitate the digital transformation of the economy.

Designed solely and exclusively to enhance the experience of the user, Elevated is financially engineering tomorrow. Our universal infrastructure ‘Elevated‘ positions now as the gateway to the next-generation of technology solutions.”

Adam Sheldon, Founder and CEO, Elevation Digital

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Executive Summary

Elevation Digital is developing the Universal Economic Infrastructure of The Digital Age.

Integrating superior financial technologies to cater to all of the needs of the market, existing and emerging, in one place, with custom servicing to accommodate the individual, to create the comprehensive user interface. Their interoperable platform gateway – “Elevated” is the single access point to the digital economy, which will facilitate the superior user experience.

Investment Highlights

Expert Team

Elevation Digital has amassed a wealth of leading industry experts and a proven track record of success in all aspects of financial markets. Their team includes the (all former):

  • US and Global sector Head of Capital Markets, KPMG, Founding partner Risk Management practice, KPMG, 20 years Lead Partner for Goldman Sachs
  • MD Risk and Regulatory, Deloitte, Chief Risk Officer & MD of Barclays Wealth America, MD, Head of Regulatory & Risk, RBS Americas
  • MD Cybersecurity, Privacy and Fraud Advisory practice, Deloitte
  • SVP/ Group Director of Specialized Compliance, HSBC Bank USA, Transactions and Business analytics MD and lead subject matter expert in AML, Deloitte
  • Global Partner and VP of Marketing and Customer Relationship Management for A T Kearney, VP for Advanced Technology 90s
  • Leading Blockchain legal expert in Africa, Head of Crypto-asset Capital Formation, Lex Futures
  • MD Smart Energy (PwC), CEO Mill River Advisors
  • CFO for IMCO, responsible for $65B AUM
  • US Actuarial Lead for Risk & Capital Management, Director (KPMG)

These are just a snippet of their experienced team’s track records – a comprehensive list may be found in their materials.

Comprehensive, Non-Custodial, Decentralised

  • Embracing the digital free market, their solution is non-custodial and decentralised in nature.
  • They are marketing their comprehensive economic interface to the masses, from design, development and delivery- they operate to serve the full extent of the market and will accommodate for the preferences of the individual.
  • Having developed a turn-key operation upon the syndication of this raise, they have developed strategic operations and system architecture.

Strong Milestones

  • Elevation Digital has focused on long term horizons and outcome, and immediately on market domination – the mass adoption of their platform – to become the primary solution in the early stages of this transformation. They have positioned themselves to consolidate the markets as they undergo digital transition.

Addressable Market

  • The digital economy is embryonic in its development. A conservative valuation of the market, set to disrupt the legacy financial system, is in excess of $500 trillion.

Investment Offering

Elevation Digital is raising £30M through a convertible note to fund development and operations until Series A. 1,000,000 notes issued @£30 each with minimum investment 1,000 notes ($42000 USD).

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