Emergence Asia 2018: It’s over but we aren’t over it just yet!

Over the last few weeks Wholesale Investor has ventured across the world with some of Australasia’s leading emerging technology, crypto and blockchain companies.

From Singapore and Malaysia, to Hong Kong and London, Emergence Asia provided the opportunity to understand how investors, family offices, venture capital firms and fund managers are approaching investment today.

We are delighted to announce that over 500 investors attended the Emergence Asia series across Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and London.

The Emergence Asia series included:

  •  Panel sessions with some of Asia’s most influential and successful Founders, entrepreneurs and executives.
  •  Keynotes from our high-profile guest speakers that will gave an insight into their perspective and experience on the investment space.
  • Exclusive networking sessions with the guest speakers, panellists and the C-level executives of the presenting companies.
  • Up to 20 of Australasia’s hottest venture, blockchain and crypto investment opportunities.
  • Hundreds of like-minded investors in attendance.

For many, this was the journey of a lifetime, if you didn’t attend keep reading for a run down of all of our showcasing clients.

Infrastructure and Manufacturing

  • Verton – Verton has developed a device that removes the need for human held tag lines on all suspended loads. The use of the device significantly increases safety, productivity and efficiency of hoisting operations.
  • Long Pipes – Fluid Distribution company constructing infrastructure and providing solutions to global problems for everything from water to gas and oil to renewables.


  • Altech Chemicals (ASX: ATC) – Chemicals company supplying highly valued high purity alumina with blue-chip clients including Mitsubishi.
  • Tera-Barrier Films – TBF can provide a total barrier solution for the display, lighting, photovoltaic and plastic electronics industries as well as for food and medical packaging applications with a portfolio of 94 patents on transparent gas barrier films, encapsulation and gas permeation measurement methods

Fund Managers

  • First Digital Capital – Hedge fund that invests in a diverse spread of blockchain funds globally with unprecedented access to premier global funds in blockchain and a robust risk management processes.
  • Holon Global Investments – Global financial services company for the digital economy. It is the first global fund management company exclusively focused on the leading digital companies.


  • Volt Corp – Independent, 100% digital bank using technology to create a better and simpler way for you to look after your money. volt bank has received a restricted banking licence and is now working towards becoming a fully licensed bank.


  • KELA – Unique fashion, jewellery, gift and hair accessory products transforming the fashion and hair industry. Kela raised $1.5 million last year and launched Kela X, a joint venture with Harry George Diamonds.

Death Care

  • LifeArt – International deathcare company supplying innovative and patented low-cost environmental coffins. In 2017, LifeArt established a JV with an established UK funeral industry supplier and invested in a state of the art manufacturing and distribution facility.

P2P Marketplace

  • Camplify – Camplify is an online platform that connects owners of RVs (caravans, camper trailers, campervans, and motorhomes), with people looking to hire them.

Blockchain and Crypto

  • Flex Network – The FLEX Network is the first market offer that pays customers for shifting consumption to green power and avoiding dirty, polluting electricity with a digital token. Flex key clients are Origin Energy (Australia); Alelion (Sweden)
  • BX.Bet – Blockchain-based betting and prediction market ecosystem, designed to change the way the world bets. Creating a decentralized betting exchange without a middleman and centralized structures disrupt and redefine the traditional betting industry.
  • Elpis AI – First crypto-asset trading company totally driven by Artificial Intelligence and based on the blockchain. Performance gains of 32.61% have been published and audited during the months of April through to June.
  • Sendy – Creating a platform-agnostic API that enables marketers to attach a token reward pool to their email campaigns. $500K Seed Round with Participation from Techemy Capital and Apollo Capital.
  • Swappit – Crypto-backed lending platform that eliminates the need for a lender to borrower match with lowest interest rates on market.
  • Bitcoin Australia – Aims to deliver the best cryptocurrency service in AUS. Recently received investment by one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, KuCoin.
  • Elpis Artificial Intelligence AG – First crypto-asset trading company totally driven by Artificial Intelligence and based on the blockchain. Performance gains of 32.61% have been published and audited during the months of April through to June.
  • MediXserve – Provides permanent, universal medical records for better healthcare using private enterprise blockchain technology. Existing award-winning products with a large install base.
  • Stackr – Secure long-term Crypto and US$ savings solution for the Blockchain community. Through a personalised trust structure, investors can hold a diversified portfolio of innovative capital markets and digital assets in one place.
  • Silent – Creating eco-friendly ecosystems that produce, store and use energy. The company’s token Silent is focused on the production of a methanol synthesis plant based on the technology introduced in 2017.
  • X Infinity – Fintech company that develops a wallet where ALL your Cryptocurrencies can be Collected in ONE wallet but Spendable EVERYWHERE.
  • Globacap – The Globacap platform tokenises illiquid assets, such as private equity, property and loans. Using blockchain technology, we help institutions with end-to-end capital raising, custody and administration services.
  • ASMX Ltd. – A decentralised blockchain solution for trading private debt. ASMX has already been able to align its self with an established and successful peer-to-peer platform, Ablrate which has already traded £25m+ on its secondary market.
  • International Crypto Exchange (ICE) – A centralised crypto exchange for quality tokens and currencies which uses ‘Crypto’ fundamentals and FIX with scale, security and experience from people who were at the foundation of internet virtual currencies.