Emerging Markets Solar Fund

The Invictus Emerging Markets Solar Fund offers investment in a portfolio of Solar Energy Infrastructure Assets in Emerging Markets. The EMS fund aims to earn stable, consistent and healthy returns while contributing to global clean energy production. 

The fund’s strategy will be to invest in a diversified portfolio of solar energy infrastructure projects, which are insured and repaid through a fixed-term lease. The fund will deploy funding across multiple projects with different geographical, commercial and return profiles to provide a degree of downside risk protection. 

The fund aims to utilize 95% of fund assets to invest in solar infrastructure projects in emerging markets via the Sun Exchange. All returns earned on infrastructure financing are reinvested in the fund. Assets not deployed into solar projects will be invested in the Invictus Margin Lending fund or serve as a liquidity pool for investors looking to redeem their tokens. The EMS fund is an open ended fund with no lock-up; investors have access to next day redemptions. The fund issues blockchain tokens; all fund transactions can be verified on the blockchain.

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About CRYPTO10

CRYPTO10 Hedged (C10) is a Smart Index Fund of the top 10 cryptocurrencies. The C10 fund is rebalanced weekly. Asset allocation is capped at 15%. Fund investors have immediate ability to redeem investments 24/7 (i.e. no lock-up). Crypto10 Hedged is an open fund with a dynamic cash hedge that allocates a portion of funds to cash in a declining market to reduce drawdown. Extensively backtested, fund rules are scientifically optimised for market beating returns; outperforming the often volatile large cap cryptocurrencies.

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