Energy Company to Build 5,000km Transmission Network | Enables $25B of New Renewable Energy Projects | Accelerate Australia’s Net-Zero 2050 Target

“Over the past decades, transmission networks in Australia evolved around large coal generators and load centres. However, moving towards net-zero will remain impossible without investing in the transmission grid of tomorrow.

ADET plans to unlock capacity for adding more renewable generation by building the grid of the future. It will link more renewable generation capacity, introduce superhighways for power transmission, and link states and territories. ADET is the business having the master plan to make this happen.

We invite ambitious industry leaders and companies to partner with us on this journey – we know how to significantly enhance the existing grid by intelligently adding capacity in the short term to accelerate Australia’s transition to net zero 2050.”

Hennie Steyn, CEO, ADET

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Executive Summary

ADET is building an HVDC (high-voltage, direct current) transcontinental energy transmission network that enables the development of large-scale renewable energy generation projects across Australia where currently there is no transmission available. The projects include coastal and inland solar and wind generation capacity.

ADET will also assist with the hydrogen transition through lower costs and phased implementation, unlocking additional revenues through green energy generation and virtual batteries. The ADET approach will unlock affordable energy from natural and environmentally friendly sources and offer the transition of the Australian energy landscape towards net-zero 2050.

Investment Highlights

  • ADET is building a transmission network (HVDC) of 5,000 km, linking over 15GW of new renewable energy projects valued at over $25B worth of investment.

  • ADET has proven technology supported by world-class original equipment manufacturers: GE, Siemens, Hitachi ABB.

  • highly-experienced team of experts in power generation, infrastructure development, energy, and finance leads the company.

  • Large electricity off-takers confirmed interest to proceed on the ADET network.

  • ADET is partnering with Australia’s leading HVDC specialists. Amplitude Consultants joined ADET as an engineering specialist advisory firm.

  • The ADET commercial business plan confirms market viability; development and CAPEX costs have been verified by original equipment manufacturers.

  • The company has a concept study completed and aligned with the Australian Energy Market Operator Integrated System Plan (AEMO ISP).

  • ADET will accelerate green hydrogen deployment validated by studies that will enhance production by sourcing lower energy costs.

Investment Offering

ADET is raising $10M for 12,500 shares (12.5%), representing an anticipated step-up in value for the initial investors by a factor of six.

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