Excitement is Building Around Vidstep

What happens when a new technology is as truly universal as emails or Google docs? 

Introducing Vidstep –  an exciting new instructional video technology that brings ‘in the moment’, step by step guidance for anyone needing to be shown how to do anything at any time.

With universal appeal, Vidstep can be compared to the recent example of Clickup, where this technology was broadly targeted as a simple and universal tool to help many use cases.

From trades people, to manufacturers, remote business teams and even for people wanting to simply share their favourite recipes socially with friends, Vidstep is bringing clarity and collaboration for valuable everyday uses.

Similar to Tik Tok’s recent move, Vidstep also provides ‘in video shopping’ which is starting to show huge potential as an evolutionary step in Vidstep’s value. The response and support for the product has been astounding. 

Uniquely, Vidstep compliments rather than competes with existing job and project management technologies, opening an opportunity for a number of exciting integration partnerships on the table right now. 

In a world moving away from the need of office space and with a huge spike in the number of remote teams, Vidstep brings clarity in a virtual sense to real time training, tasks and processes to support this growing demand. 

Tools for remote teaming and video based technologies are both ‘hot tech’ areas right now… Vidstep is both. 

In addition to remote and virtual support, Vidstep also brings real world instructions, with scannable QR codes generated with each Vidstep that is published. The client places a QR code on their products or equipment and users scan them with a mobile device, to reveal the Vidstep instructions. This has already transformed the user experience and boosted sales for a number of early adopters.

Vidstep is currently at late seed investment stage, ready to expand into a number of partner channels and revenue streams. 

We are proud to partner with Arrow Digital as an active investor and leverage their capabilities for our go-to market opportunities and partner strategies that are unfolding daily.

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About Vidstep Pty Ltd

Vidstep is a next-generation video technology, designed to complement and integrate with many leading software products.

It has wide appeal for business owners and managers challenged with providing clear instructions for virtual distribution and remote teams.

The product is simple, has a relatively low barrier to entry and a somewhat smooth path to market.

Its a highly lucrative opportunity, with a three-tiered approach to revenue from SAAS, in-app product resale and content subscription.

The founder has crafted the opportunity to be low key, drama free and predictably rewarding, rather than promising to be the next Google. Early investors will see large gains in their participation with this product.

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