EXCITING NEWS for RAIC’s Pleasure Point Mine Investment Project


The MRLG team has made consistent progress towards the set-up of Pleasure Point Mine (PPM), including development of the mine plan and schedule.

Samples from the site have been sent to Sweden for analysis for the purposes of equipment selection and configuration. MRLG has been working closely with major OEMs to assemble CAPEX budgets that are consistent with ongoing operational modelling.

RAIC appointed MRLG as mining consultants to set-up PPM in order to take advantage of the demand for sand and construction materials. MRLG is ensuring that ample opportunity is being taken to get the site’s unique block sandstone to market.

They have completed the preliminary mine plan design and work is now underway to establish infrastructure and site set-up.


The PPM raise is a two-year fixed term on the loan. RAIC pays a 12% fixed interest p.a. (paid in advance) AND your share of 15% equity in the company. We use two forms of security:

    • a registered mortgage over the land; and
  • a registered charge over the company. 

With less than 5% left in the first capital raise, now is the time to get in contact with RAIC to take advantage of this alternative asset class. 


There has been a strong increase in demand for sand and aggregate across Queensland for the purposes of cement production and construction supplies.  We have seen industries restored in the area due to government investment and the establishment of local economies.

The Queensland Government Department of Transport and Main Roads is delivering on a four-year investment plan of $20.386 billion. The plan will address the transport needs for our diverse and far-reaching state, including by:

  • establishing an additional 33,367 km of road network; and
  • Maintaining and upgrading freight, transport and economic connections to get you where you need to go. 

For more information visit our website at www.raic.com.au and book a call with Shaun Fox here.

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