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“As CEO of Cyferd, I have come off back to back exits, one in 2017, I then formed another tech company in 2018 which was acquired earlier this year. I currently run mergers and acquisitions for a $6BN company, this is my expertise and my skill set. In this round of funding Cyferd are looking to raise £1,800,000 to further develop the software and aid in building the best team possible.”

Ranjit Bahia, CEO, Cyferd

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At the moment core systems are too slow to adapt to rapidly changing business environments. As demonstrated by the issues companies across the world suffered through the sudden threat and disruption caused by the Coronavirus.


The solution Cyferd are offering is a software that consolidates Low Code, IPA/RPA, Enterprise Integration Platforms and Locational Intelligence into one platform as a base for a more automated and informed process with AI and evolved learning at its core.

Competitive Edge

Cyferd’s competitive edge comes from the team behind the company, their track records and the value and networks they bring to the company. Cyferd’s vision to be the only choice for enterprises and governments as well as the fact the there is nothing currently out there like Cyferd.

Team Experience

The reason Cyferd is going to be such a big success is because of the team running it. The whole of Cyferd upper management have all come from billion $ companies and are market leaders at what they do.


Their offering is in two stages, the first £250,000 they are offering 18%. Once this round has passed the offering will be split into 3 brackets 8%, 10% and 12% depending on the level of investment.


Their vision is to become the leading digital transformation platform that allows enterprises and governments to become more automated and intelligent.


  • Early adopters include the NHS, HSBC, Sony Playstation and Chubb Insurance
  • ISV alliances with Amazon, Google, Blackberry Cylance and Microsoft.

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