Fantasy Rugby World is joined by Antoine Dupont, World Rugby Player of the Year!

With the recent addition of Bordeaux (UBB) as a partner, FRW has solidified its position as a leader in the world of fantasy rugby.  Bordeaux joins more than ten other professional leagues and teams already affiliated with the company, strengthening the ties that have been established amongst all of the sport’s institutions.

This is in addition to their partnerships with well-known brands such as Land Rover, who are already sponsors of the Rugby World Cup, the Premiership, and TOP14, who are also sponsors of the game with several features available in the app.

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They are also joined by World Player of the Year, Antoine Dupont. Dupont is a FRW ambassador who has been involved with the project since its beginning in April 2020 and is now a shareholder. FRW, according to Dupont, is “the rugby game that everyone has been waiting for!” A serious concept with a lovely rendering, a modern visual charter with the goal of being as realistic as possible.”

Furthermore, their ties with a number of rugby media and businesses (such as RugbyPass, Canal+, RMC Sport, Serge Blanco, etc.) are continuing to grow, establishing FRW as a global leader in rugby gaming.

About The Company

Fantasy Rugby World (FRW), a free to download mobile fantasy game application for rugby, created by Bamg Sports Ltd.

Fantasy leagues are part of the E-sport industry and represent a segment that is growing rapidly worldwide, as it is seen by the various sports entities as a powerful tool to get fans more engaged. Fantasy leagues are known for making the sports they relate to, more relevant to people. For its part, rugby is gaining momentum globally and is attracting new fans on a rapid scale as well.

Our objective is to combine the promotional attributes of fantasy leagues with the increasing appeal of rugby as a mainstream sport to accelerate the growth of the rugby fan base. Our app will not just be another fantasy league game, but it will also be a place to establish a modern online community of our beloved game, where fans can test their knowledge of rugby, interact with other fans, connect to their clubs, follow latest developments and plan their live attendance to matches.

After a first launch season full of success and promises, especially in an unfavorable context linked to the pandemic, we have succeeded in creating a solid user base and have developed numerous partnerships with brands and institutions of internationally renowned.

There is therefore no longer any need to demonstrate the real potential of the initial project, but the objective now is to move forward according to our business plan, by raising new funds in order to « explode » and to develop various rugby markets.

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