FarmaTrust Partners with Gaco Pharmaceuticals to Modernise & Secure it’s Supply Chain


  • FarmaTrust, a UK-based blockchain venture and international drug tracking system, has announced it’s second partnership in a short span of time with Gaco pharmaceuticals in Bangladesh after its association with Mongolian government.
  • The company aims at safe, encrypted, transparent and unquestionable supply chain with elimination of counterfeit drugs.

Farma Trust is a premiere company for blockchain technology innovation which has a holistic approach to do away with fake and imitation drugs and at the same time creating efficiencies for the manufacturers. It intends to provide data analytics, machine learning and automated regulatory repotting which will automatically increase production efficiency and therefore ensure growth of the company.

Omer Farooque, the managing director of Gaco Pharmaceuticals proudly announced about its
association with the company, expecting modernisation and security of their supply chain. He confirmed about availability of an easy access tool, a freely downloadable mobile app to consumers so that they can in turn control the authencity of the medical products they yearn to purchase. Partnership with Farma Trust will provide them cost-efficient and comprehensive information modules. This would help Gaco to retain its credibility, quality of medicines and recognition.


About FarmaTrust

FarmaTrust provides cost effective data services to pharmaceutical companies to meet their compliance requirements, governments, regulators, NGOs and law enforcement. It also gives confidence to consumers (through the free FarmaTrust app) that medicines they purchase are genuine.

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