Film – The Low Risk Alternative to Financial Markets Investments?

It’s rare that you can argue that an Australian feature film provides a low risk alternative to stocks, bonds and property but with the turmoil in the financial markets as a result of the coronavirus that may well be the case.

If you google businesses that do well in a recession you will often find Movie Theatres at the top of a list that also includes liquor, cosmetics, tattoo parlours, candy and so on. We are living in a strange environment at the moment but soon it will end. And when it does, when we emerge from our COVID-19 caves, we will probably have watched the whole catalogue on Netflix, Stan and Amazon and be ready for something new.

But despite the growing need for film content, for Wallace Media Group it’s their strict quantitative development process combined with the 100% tax deduction and priority investment recoupment that has minimised the risk for investors.

“I have a 25 year background in the financial markets with banks such as Citigroup, UBS and Westpac but it was my time as a hedge fund owner with Excalibur Funds Management that really taught me about managing risk” – WMG CEO James Wallace said.

Their first project for 2020, Molly The Magnificent, is a beautiful Australian story reminiscent of The Castle and Little Miss Sunshine written by James Wallace and Glenn Fraser (Director) and starring Kate Fitzpatrick and Madeleine West.

The film is nearing completion of funding with just $260k required of the $1.5mil budget.

For those in the position to take advantage of the 100% tax deduction and invest in the film – think of it also as supporting Australian gig workers, most of whom have fallen through the gaps in the stimulus package. Molly The Magnificent will employ around 100 people (35 crew / 35 actors / 30 extras). Our second film, BROKERS, will provide jobs for over 300 industry contractors.

We invite you to take a look at the material in the Deal Room at the following link which includes the video of the presentation at Emergence 2020 a few weeks ago and support us to make a great Australian film.

Click here to access MTM Film Holdings’ CRIISP Deal Room.

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About MTM FIlm Holdings Pty Ltd

100% Tax deduction – Priority Gross Revenue Participation – Legacy Australian Film Experience.

MTM Film Holdings Pty Ltd is a Special Purpose Vehicle set up by Wallace Media Group Limited for the production of it’s Australian feature film – Molly The Magnificent.

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