Finexia Diversified Investment Fund | Projected IRR Between 6-40 % | Managed by Experts with Extensive Nat’l & Int’l Experience

“At FINEXIA, knowledge is power, especially in the world of investing. We want our investors to feel empowered to make decisions that lead to good investment outcomes.

Having completed nearly 20 deals in the last 12 months, we have boosted internal resources and are re-opening the books to our FINEXIA Select Investment (FSI) product. This product offers investors a genuine bespoke opportunity to participate in a deal-by-deal investment where the risks and rewards are directly linked to the opportunity.

For those wanting a regular income, don’t miss out on our FINEXIA Direct Accommodation Income Fund set to close late July targeting a 12-14% return paid monthly.

Pat Bell, Director, FINEXIA (ASX: FNX)

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Investment Specialty

FINEXIA makes it easy for wholesale and sophisticated investors to make informed decisions about unique investment opportunities.

FINEXIA takes care of sourcing, analysing, structuring, pricing, approving, documenting, and managing the FINEXIA Select Investment.

Predominantly property-based, investors will have the opportunity to invest in 1st, 2nd, unregistered, senior, mezzanine, and preferred equity mortgage investments across residential, commercial, industrial, and specialised property assets across Australia.

Unique Investing Methodology

FINEXIA provides investors with information, and they make the ultimate decision on which FSI they would like to invest in. At times, given the unique bespoke opportunities available to investors, they may have the ability to propose terms more suitable to their appetites.

The in-house Investment Team and Credit Committee members have extensive experience assessing fundamentals, structuring deals, and defending capital by taking the most appropriate security structure.

Track Record

Projected IRR (net of fees) is targeting:

  • 6-12% for 1st registered mortgage investments
  • 10-22% for 2nd registered mortgage investments
  • 15-30% for unregistered mortgage investments
  • 15-40% for equity, hybrid equity, convertible notes, etc.
  • 8-15% for income funds

Recent FINEXIA Select Investment

  • 10% p.a. paid monthly for $530K secured by rent rolled over 12 months
  • 8% p.a. paid monthly for $1.45M secured by industrial property over 12 months
  • 8% p.a. paid at completion for $580K secured by a 2x lot subdivision
  • 10% p.a. paid monthly for $790K secured by management rights
  • 10% p.a. paid monthly for $800K secured by commercial office over 24 months

Team Experience

Proven Track Record of Leadership

FINEXIA is an ASX-listed group with an Australian Financial Services Licence (485760).

The company has an experienced management team of experts; it also has an in-house Investment Team and Credit Committee that helps investors assess fundamentals and create deals supported by appropriate security structures.

FINEXIA Senior Management members have extensive national and international experience working with the ‘big 4’ financial companies, central banks, equity capital markets, and investment banks.

The Offer

FINEXIA is currently raising these funds:

  • $11.5M – FINEXIA Direct Accommodation Income Fund – targeting a 12-14% p.a. return paid monthly (with liquidity) – Closing late July
  • $3.3M – FINEXIA Select Investment – 1st mortgage construction finance over 4x luxury townhouses at Templestowe Lower, VIC, targeting an 8.6% return paid monthly + profit share
  • $3.5M – FINEXIA Select Investment – 2nd mortgage construction finance over 39 townhouses at Albany Creek, QLD, with a monthly coupon + profit share upon completion
  • $10M – IPO – Dragonfly Biosciences – Premium retailer of cannabidiol (CBD) oil with a pre-money valuation of $80M

Coming Soon:

  • New FINEXIA Select Investments are available weekly, as deals, properties, and projects materialise
  • $25M – MIS – FINEXIA Direct Childcare Income Fund – providing an investment in the rapidly growing childcare industry
  • $2.2M – FINEXIA Select Investment – 2nd mortgage construction finance over 22 townhouses

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