Fintech company surviving a market crash and achieving over 13% returns year to date

We have now reached over a full 12 months of business operating in Australia and we are proud to be consistently still delivering returns for our clients.  In 2020 so far we have seen a terrible global pandemic that has wrought massive consequences for the global economy, tensions between the US & China among many other things, that have contributed to poor investment returns for the elite investor. Despite this we have still, on average, achieved over 13% returns year to date, EVEN surviving a market crash.  Our AI trading algorithm is working away in the background, analysing market fluctuations in order to make trading decisions to navigate the stormy investment weather.

Halcyon Global is continuing to work with investors classified as wholesale/sophisticated in Australia, Singapore and the UK.

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Click here to view Halcyon’s June results.

About Halcyon Global

With offices in Australia, the UK and Singapore, Halcyon is a global firm set up to bring more of the world’s opportunities to the elite investor.

Being true innovators in the fintech space, we are passionate about bringing wholesale investors the newest ways to enhance their wealth creation ability.

The Halcyon trading algorithm is a true innovation. An AI system that provides real-time analysis across more than 37,000 different data points to drive more enlightened decision-making, and thus higher potential returns.

Their clients’ success is our success. Being a select group, their clients enjoy a rewarding relationship with Halcyon, and they thrive on helping their clients achieve their goals – not only in terms of their finances, but their potential future.

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