Fintech Geniusto has achieved a 40% increase in revenue + 4 new ASEAN contracts and on the verge of monetizing on a B2B2C platform

“Having played an active role in leading edge technology since the early 90’s, my passion for innovation has developed into a strong knowledge and skill base across financial services, healthcare, hospitality and agricultural sectors. Geniusto has been created to innovate faster and keep up with customer expectations. As a developer and enabler of leading-edge financial technology, our goal is to give banks a future proof strategy allowing them to automate, scale and serve more customers. This ultimately leads to financial inclusion and financial health where people most need it. Along with sharing our expertise, technology and our vision for inclusiveness, we are offering an opportunity to jump on board a partnership model which is leading one of the highest growth sectors globally whilst building great relationships and having fun along the way.”

Shane Hermans, CEO and Founder, Geniusto International LTD

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Globally there are over 3 billion unbanked and underbanked people.  In the Philippines alone, over 71% of the population remains unbanked.

Financial institutions in emerging market countries lack the technology and affordability to modernize its banking infrastructure

COVID-19 has underscored the urgency for financial inclusion, especially for those who lack access to basic essential financial services.


Geniusto is a Next-Generation, Universal Platform for banks, partners (SMEs) and users. Geniusto is empowering financial inclusion for the underbanked, by transforming and modernizing financial institutions through its Omni-Channel “Bank-in-the-Box” solutions. Geniusto also enables financial institutions with powerful payment services technology enabling a “B2B2C” financial ecosystem, where their clients can access services and marketplaces online 24/7, without the need to visit a bricks-and-mortar branch.

Competitive Edge

With a track record of over 40 projects completed across 25+ countries in Europe, MENA, and ASEANGeniusto is also uniquely positioned in the Philippines, where the majority of the population remains unbanked. The vast global and regional experience, as well as the high caliber management team, sets the company apart from the competition.

Team Experience

Headquartered out of Perth, Australia, Geniusto also operates on the ground and in the front lines in: Philippines, Singapore and the UK.  Collectively, Geniusto’s executive team has over 100 years of global experience in technology, financial services and insurance, dealing with MNC’s as well as local regional clients.


Geniusto is seeking a Series A+ equity investment of up to USD 7.5M in exchange for approximately 20% of the company.


With the global rush for digitalization, Geniusto is uniquely positioned in ASEAN to accelerate digital transformation with next-generation technology.  Geniusto’s platforms and “B2B2C” ecosystem is delivering critical financial services for real life needs while bridging the gap between the Digital and the Physical world. Geniusto will use the proceeds to scale further into ASEAN with the goal of maximizing shareholder value and growing bottom line revenues through a new monetizing model.



  • Achieved USD1.4M in revenue in 2019, a +40% increase from 2018
  • Over 40+projects completed across 25+ countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • First 4 ASEAN contracts secured in 2019
  • 4 additional contracts signed in ASEAN during COVID
  • Expansion of services to Papua New Guinea
  • Seed round funding of USD5M achieved
  • Start of Joint Equity Company, “ePERA” a social banking platform in 2019
  • Setup of the Singapore office in 2020


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‘Best New Digital Banking Solutions Provider’ & the ‘Most Innovative Digital Banking Solutions Provider’ in 2020 by ‘The Global Economics’ group in the UK.

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