Fintech Platform Showing Better Video Advertising Results Than Facebook | £400K Raised

“Over the last 12 months, we’ve seen an unprecedented shift in attitude and awareness on the impact of social media on the lives and well-being of young people. 

Ultimately, these platforms are funded by marketing dollars, and advertisers are looking for new, meaningful ways to connect with young people outside of social media.

Our Attention Exchange® is that alternative.”

Guillaume Kendall, Founder and CEO, Zedosh

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Executive Summary

Zedosh is rewriting the rules of how consumers and advertisers interact online. The company is an early-stage fintech building the digital advertising rails for a cookieless, privacy-first internet.

Zedosh has developed an Attention Exchange® that puts consumers and their data at the forefront of the attention economy, sitting at the centre of a fair and transparent marketplace where advertisers, publishers, and consumers connect to participate in an exchange of value and information.

The consumer gets paid directly in return for providing both their banking transactions and their valuable attention to video advertising. Zedosh believes that’s fairer than paying Big Tech to interrupt consumers whilst getting paid for the consumers’ attention.

The impact of the iOS app tracking transparency and Google replacing cookies is already being felt on the bottom line of Big Tech. Additionally, pressure from advertisers and regulators is increasing on social media to moderate the hate, misinformation, and fraud on their platforms.

The foundations of the $400B digital advertising industry, where $70B is expected to be lost to fraud, are now ripe for disruption.

Investment Highlights

  • Zedosh has raised £400K to date from angel investors, allowing the company to complete its first go-to-market and validate the fit of its solution.
  • Attention Exchange® is a registered trademark in the UK.
  • The FCA approved the company as an agent of Moneyhub Technology.
  • On average, advertising videos on Zedosh’s Attention Exchange® have a completion rate of 2.8 and a click-through rate 17 times higher than Facebook’s average.
  • Zedosh launched its beta/proof-of-concept app on Google Play and App Store, which has over 4.5K users connected via their bank.
  • The user acquisition cost is 86% cheaper than other fintech apps due to Zedosh’s unique advertising model.
  • Zedosh is revenue-generating with customers including Ziglu, Well&Truly, Elliott Footwear, Daye, and Plenaire.
  • Its diverse team covers UX, sales, fintech, digital advertising, data analytics, and compliance.

Investment Offering

Zedosh is raising a bridge round of £500K via an EIS-eligible Advanced Subscription Agreement.

This agreement converts at a discount of 20% on a qualifying equity round.

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