FinTech, Rewire Holding develops patent-pending technology in the banking space led by executives and a board of advisors with >70 years combined experience

“We are a FinTech innovator, backed by patented IPR aiming to breakeven in year 4 post Series A. We are now live in the UK & Spain with our product, providing current accounts in EURO and GBP with our branded MasterCard. We´ll release in the second half of 2021 a proprietary POS (point of sale) payment system in the $US 75B global POS market.”

Jose Merin, CEO, Rewire Holdings LTD

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  • “First account users” are required to have another account to top-up their newly created 1st ever account.
  • “Merchants” have high costs associated with collecting payments via current POS (point of sale) card payment systems.
  • “FinTech Apps” must have internet access at all times, to make transactions.


  • 1st ever account deposit:
    Rewire’s patent pending Technology allows a smartphone to act as a virtual ATM for other nearby users as cash deposit.
  • Merchants payments collection:
    Rewire’s technology auto configures a smartphone as a proprietary POS for a fraction of the current cost.
  • Internet access:
    With one click, users will be able to auto-configure a smartphone as an internet sharing device to others nearby.

Competitve Edge

The secret of Rewire’s success lies in the vast experience of their team as well as in the patents that underpin their technology.

IPR protection protects against cash rich competitors, allowing for unique and protected features of their technology.

Team Experience

Combined executive & board advisors team experience is way over 70 years.

Experience ranges from founding to IPO exit of Varengold Bank at €250m, Masmovil exit to KKR for €2.9B, Sensei trade sale to Vtech for $US20m, Naga Group IPO >€80m.

Rewire Holding CEO has achieved successful trade sale exits and is the former Vice President of Operations of Philips Consumer Communications, in US.


Rewire is raising £6.2m equity investment for 18% of the company equity (£1.862 / Ordinary Share), split as follows:

  • £1.6m (€2m) out of that is reserved to existing crowd investors (€ 2.276 / Ordinary non-voting B-Share = (£1.862 / B-Share)
  • £4.6m reserved for institutional investors, here through


Rewire Holding aims to reach breakeven and enter into positive territory in 4 years post this Series A. Raised in 2020 already > £2m ($US 2.5m) from their own community of users/crowd investors.

Rewire Holding is only weeks away from initiating its first online marketing campaign with a $US 250K initial budget to onboard its first 10 thousand users.

They are also in negotiations with a known brand to onboard 1 or 2 companies, with over 100m turnover in their own business, as clients of their Business accounts and prepaid MasterCard as well as their proprietary Point of Sale (POS) technology.


  • Core platform inhouse developed
  • Platform & apps are now live
  • In talks with Dunkin Coffee
  • 3 patents underpin the product offering
  • >2K real users in Beta app release now
  • Online marketing material approved
  • Seeking funding for growth & own Emi licence

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