First EdTech SaaS Platform with C&G, LPI, and CPDSO Accreditation | Leading Blue-Chip Investors | 23 Enterprise Clients Pre-Launch

Having built the world’s leading CEO mentoring consultancy, I wanted to democratise a service that was previously only available to a small number of expensive fee-paying clients and make it available to the world. The first move was to write and release my best-selling book ‘Breakthrough,’ which led to TV, radio, and public speaking opportunities worldwide.

I noticed that what was needed by both employers and employees was not available in any curriculum. So I assembled a team with over 90 years of education, coaching, and mentoring experience to design a revolutionary digital disruption company that can become a unicorn by making a difference and doing good.

At Entelechy Academy, all of us believe that character powerfully determines destiny.

David CM Carter, Founder, Entelechy Academy

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Executive Summary

Upon launch in Q1 2022, Entelechy Academy will be the world’s first EdTech SaaS platform and mobile app to be accredited by three global awarding bodies: C&G, LPI, and CPDSO. It provides powerful and practical features that enable the learning of essential character qualities determined to be ‘missing’ from current educational initiatives, especially the soft skills required by employers.

This platform and its ambitions have already attracted the attention and funds of thirteen blue-chip investors who bring a variety of skills to the board (more mentioned below).

The Academy aims to create the ‘go-to’ gold standard pedagogy, using its resources and market thought-leadership positioning for teaching, learning, assessing, certifying, demonstrating, and developing character competence.

Investment Highlights

Pre-Launch Market Demand

  • A lack of human soft skills costs the economy billions each year, CBI (Confederation of Business Industry) whose 180,000 members employ 8M people, has produced copious detailed research on the problem. The Academy has already expertly codified the ‘77 Soft Skills’ and their underpinning by the ‘54 Character Qualities’ that employers need.
  • Entelechy Academy’s initial go-to-market vertical focuses on 1.4M UK-based apprentices.
  • 23 enterprise customers (who have expressed interest in integrating the platform as part of the learning solution) have generated a first-year sales pipeline that substantially exceeds revenue targets.

Blue-Chip Lead Investors and Deeply Experienced Team

  • Entelechy Academy’s executive team has over 90 years of experience in education, mentoring, coaching, app development, branding, design, and marketing. They also possess an extensive apprenticeship, market sales, and influencer network built over 20 years.
  • Thirteen blue-chip investors from the angel pre-seed round have already joined Entelechy Academy’s Advisory Board, including serial entrepreneurs, investment bankers, fund managers, venture capitalists, HR specialists, and marketing communication experts. These individuals helped the Academy to raise £575K.

Clear and Scalable Go-to Market Strategy 

  • Within three years from the launch, the Academy can easily build an apprenticeship-only UK business that will generate £6.8M in revenues, £2.7M in EBT, and a valuation of £45M from just one primary launch vertical.
  • Entelechy Academy’s model is easily scalable to high-opportunity B2B verticals. These include UK universities (2M students), professional organisations (4M members), established and emerging learning platforms (e.g., Coursera with 4M members), recruitment platforms (20M candidates), SME employers (20M employees), and larger employers (10M employees).
  • After the Academy secures its ‘proof of efficacy’ and traction, it intends to access a 20M strong market of millennials via a B2C model. Discussions are also underway regarding the Academy’s franchise pilot opportunity in Singapore (100K+ apprentices) and Nigeria (1.7M university students).

Investment Offering

Entelechy Academy seeks to raise £3M for a 28% stake divided into two tranches of £1.5M.

  • Tranche A at £5.75/share to launch the full solution
  • Tranche B at £7.50/share for post-launch working capital
  • ROI of 4x within three years
  • Exit within four years via IPO or trade sale

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