First FIFA Club B2B Negotiation & Fiat-Crypto-Fiat Technology Development


  • Cornerstone investor, B2RLaw, a major European law firm has entered into an initial agreement with UNITY888 to become a shareholder and join its advisory board
  • A FIFA club member and UNITY888 are jointly exploring optimal legal structure for promotion, endorsement and distribution of our platform to the club’s fans, creating a precedent for the rest of FIFA members.
  • UNITY888 has reached 70% development mark for its blockchain-based module to accommodate non-crypto users to seamlessly and instantly bet with fiat currency on sports events, with instant yet invisible fiat-crypto -fiat conversions in the background.

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Cornerstone Corporate Investor

UNITY888 will be welcoming its first corporate investor, B2RLaw, a law firm with 70 lawyers across several cities, that will join and augment its advisory board with the strength of legal expertise. Implicitly all regulatory issues, licensing, corporate structure, government relations, commerce, partnership and retail client contracts will be handled by our in-house advisors, partners of B2RLaw.

Cornerstone B2B Client

UNITY888 with the assistance from B2RLaw is working with a FIFA Club member, that has expressed an interest in utilizing our services to promote fan loyalty and open a new revenue stream to replace  COVID related loss of ticket sales to live events. A business model, that will set a precedent for all FIFA members to enjoy new revenues generated by UNITY888 platform is being structured.

Major Technological Innovation Advancement

UNITY888 has progressed to the 70% mark on a major technological development on its blockchain platform that will propel Fiat currency users, to seamlessly, invisibly and instantly to bet on our platform with invisible background conversions to crypto and back. This will enable all sports fans globally, to use whatever home currency they use, without any crypto knowledge or wallets, to engage in sports betting just using their smartphone on any game worldwide.

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About Unity 888

Peer to Peer sports betting platform built on Blockchain, with crypto as a payment method. Our own Ethereum pegged U888 token is utilized for betting.

Blockchain technology is the new industrial revolution at its dawn, that will disrupt the traditional ways in service industry. Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Amazon were propelled by the technological advancement of their time and hold a majority global share as early leaders in their respective markets. Unity888 aims to embark on this journey and become a future Unicorn of this still unclaimed market space of Blockchain’s technological revolution.

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