First Graphene (ASX: FGR) presents at Graphene Automotive 2019 in Detroit


  • Andy Goodwin, Chief Technology Officer of First Graphene Ltd, to present at an international conference.
  • New data supporting the high quality of PureGRAPHTM graphenes will be presented.
  • The benefits of using PureGRAPHTM in key vertical markets will be summarised.

Advanced materials company, First Graphene Limited (“FGR” or “the Company”) (ASX: FGR) is pleased to announce Chief Technology Officer, Dr Andy Goodwin will present at the Graphene Automotive 2019 conference and exhibition in Detroit on 4th and 5th March 2019. Andy has also been invited to chair Day 1 of the conference.

First Graphene Ltd. will provide an update on the measures that have been implemented to ensure the batch-to-batch quality of PureGRAPHTM products manufactured at Henderson, WA. The Company will also present the latest information on the fundamental properties of PureGRAPHTM products underlining these are righty called graphene materials. The presentation will also contain an update of our progress in key applications.

The new fundamental data indicates PureGRAPHTM is a low-defect, high aspect ratio graphene product with low metal and silicon contamination levels. PureGRAPHTM has been shown by microscopy to contain high levels of Few Layer Graphene platelets. Raman analysis indicates the average platelet thickness is < 10 layers.

One of the impediments to a more rapid commercialisation of graphene has been the inconsistency of quality material available for purchase. While many organisations state they can produce graphene the buyers have had issues with quality. Recognising this issue, FGR has gone to considerable lengths to ensure a high-quality product fit for delivery to industry.


About First Graphene Ltd (ASX: FGR)

First Graphene Ltd. are the leading supplier of high-quality, bulk graphene products. The company has a robust manufacturing platform based upon captive supply of high-purity raw materials and an established 100 tonne/year graphene production capacity. Commercial applications are now being progressed in industrial composites & rubbers, fire retardancy, construction and energy storage.

First Graphene Ltd. is publicly listed in Australia (ASX: FGR) and has a primary manufacturing base in Henderson, near Perth, WA. The company was recently incorporated in the UK as First Graphene (UK) Ltd. and is a Tier 1 partner at the Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre (GEIC), Manchester, UK.

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