First-of-its-Kind, Scalable FashionTech InspireNine Brings Platform to Booming Market | Deeply Experienced Team with Track Record of App Store Success

“Everyone wants to look good. 

However, people often struggle to decide on what to wear, and when they do know, they can’t find the pieces they desire.

With over 8 million e-commerce fashion stores available, consumers can be overwhelmed. The fashion industry as we know it isn’t sustainable anymore and requires a shake-up. 

InspireNine is driving that shake-up by bringing the fashion industry together in one place—giving people access to a quick, simple, interactive, and unbiased way of getting inspiration on what to wear, how to wear it, and where to get it. It allows them to go for a style that they like from any online or offline fashion store in the world. 

Our vision is to usher the fashion industry into a new era by becoming a global centre of fashion and being a go-to place for unbiased fashion inspiration, advice, and shopping.”

Bronwen Cope, Founder, Infinity Inspirato Pty Ltd.

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Executive Summary

InspireNine is an innovative digital platform with a unique and scalable revenue model that connects online/offline fashion brands and stores from around the world and brings them together into one ecosystem.

This helps consumers discern:

  • What to wear
  • How to wear it
  • Where to buy it from

InspireNine inspires them with styles rather than brands, making the decision-making process simple, interactive and targeted.

The platform helps its users find and create the perfect outfit by leveraging the fashion expertise of influencers and stylists. In return, influencers are offered income opportunities via professional styling services (offered to followers) using a mix of any brand, from any store, anywhere in the world.

Investment Highlights

Experienced Team

InspireNine’s founding team is composed of deeply experienced professionals from the tech, fashion, and marketing realms.

This includes founder Bronwen Cope, who has over 20 years of management experience;
Gen Victoria, a business management expert who currently drives the company’s social media efforts; and technology partners Dane De Forest and Steve Buhagiar who have helped build, refine, and launch over 30 app startups before InspireNine, including an app that was listed amongst the top 30 in the Apple app store within the first 4 weeks of its release.

Low Development Risk

InspireNine has already built the technology prototype behind the platform, significantly lowering their development risk.

Multiple Revenue Sources

InspireNine has designed a highly scalable business model which combines 3 distinct sources of revenue:

Stage 1–Income from influencers
Stage 2–Income from advertisers
Stage 3–Income from each user sale

Strong and Growing Market

InspireNine is operating in the global fashion industry which is currently worth $2.5 Trillion.
The company is targeting the influencer market which is expected to grow by 405% by 2024 (from $5.5 Billion to $22.3 Billion).

Investment Offering

InspireNine is raising $200,000 to fund the building of the app and the go-to-market plan.