First-to-Market Next-Gen Energy Management Company with Globally-Protected IP | Meets a $1.5T+ Market Opportunity

When it comes to providing energy management products, technologies, and related services, we have set our sights on becoming the leader. 2021 has been an excellent year for the group with our on-track revenue numbers and recent appointments that will spearhead our institutionally focused capital raise. 

We already have a thriving and growing global sales pipeline alongside blue-chip clients who desire our expert technologies. With everything in place, our company is ready to disrupt the industry.”

Dag Arild Valand, Founder and CEO, WaveTech

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Executive Summary

The truth is, many sectors that rely on battery-powered backup systems face high maintenance and replacement costs. Furthermore, margins are affected whenever downtime occurs, and the resulting higher churn rate reduces potential revenue. These unfortunate circumstances are due to underperforming and isolated systems unprepared to meet future opportunities and requirements.

WaveTech is a US-based next-generation energy management company specialising in energy backup systems, most notably: life extension, data analytics, and site monitoring. It tackles the challenges mentioned above by developing technologies that positively affect the entire lifecycle of batteries from production to 2nd life usage—thus increasing cost efficiency, visibility, and long-term security.

The company continues to enter new well-defined markets and categories, including lithium-ion batteries, whilst aggressively pursuing its current product development and expansion.

Investment Highlights

Powerful Product and Technology Features

  • Testament to the superiority of its offers, WaveTech has thoroughly tested similar competitor products, and these were determined to be significantly less effective.
  • WaveTech’s standalone devices can connect to any 12-volt vehicle battery to prolong battery life, significantly reduce maintenance time, increase capacity retention, and improve charging efficiency.
  • The company’s Crystal Control Technology® increases battery lifespan by 100% and triples that capacity during the complete cycle using an intelligent manipulation of electrochemical processes.
  • Bolstering WaveTech’s products and technologies are data analytics and diagnostic software programs that allow the automation of critical functions; this eliminates 80% of unscheduled maintenance and site visits.

Strong Market Opportunity

  • WaveTech has the advantage of exclusivity as the first company to go to this high-opportunity and high-demand market.
  • WaveTech capably meets a $1.5T+ market opportunity; it has 85 worldwide patents that protect its core offerings and a strategic business model that reduces the financial exposure of its customers.
  • The company has an exciting R&D pipeline, also under its globally protected IP, aiming to deliver more disruptive products and technologies. It is also actively developing new IP which utilises lithium-based technology.

Demonstrated Early Success

  • WaveTech is already generating revenue from its blue-chip client base. It has active contracts with federal governments, state agencies, and leading US-based telecommunication companies and networks.
  • As of this writing, the company is on track to meet its target revenue for FYE 2021: $15M.
  • WaveTech has already received $3.5M from management and existing shareholders. The company has devised measures to grow its capabilities further to achieve a successful IPO.

Active Team of Experts

  • WaveTech’s current team includes world-class entrepreneurs, lawyers, engineers, and scientists.
  • The company’s leaders have 25-35 years of experience in their respective fields; they continually leverage their deep expertise to drive and ensure WaveTech’s success.

Investment Offering

WaveTech seeks an additional $8M in new funds to fuel its growth and operations whilst pursuing a $35M round in partnership with US-based investment bankers or strategically valuable institutional investors.

The company’s current opportunity allows private investors to invest in a convertible loan note at a very favourable valuation point.

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