FirstWave’s Enterprise grade cybersecurity-as-a-service closes FY21 H1 total revenue 5% ahead of plan at $4.07m

“We believe that organisations of all sizes have the equal right to access the best available enterprise-grade security solutions.”

Neil Pollock, CEO, FirstWave Cloud Technology (ASX: FCT)

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FCT solves two critical problems:

  1. For Service Providers like Telco, MSSPs and other security service providers: how to meet increasing demand for affordable, effective and easy to implement cybersecurity and create new, profitable, revenue streams.
  2. For their end-user customers: minimising business risk associated with ever-increasing cyber-crime with affordable, enterprise quality solutions.


  • FirstWave’s unique and proprietary technology solution is the Cloud Content Security Platform (CCSP).
  • Enables our partners to offer their end-user customers, a unique solution to address ever- increasing cybersecurity risk.
  • It is even more urgent now as globally, workers are now working from home – outside the security of the enterprise network.
  • FirstWave makes enterprise grade cybersecurity-as-a-service available to all organisations around the world who don’t want or can’t afford to own and operate their own security infrastructure.
  • CCSP is the key to FirstWave becoming a highly successful, global business. It is a scalable, reliable, flexible and profitable platform-based solution for cybersecurity service delivery.

Competitive Edge

  • CCSP is the only known platform in the world that takes the world’s leading, enterprise-grade cyber security technology across email, web, firewall and end point protection, integrates it and makes it available through a single pane of glass.
  • CCSP solves broader problems associated with the operational complexity that comes from having to manage an array of point solutions.
  • FirstWave doesn’t compete with global security products, it makes the best solutions available in the market available to our partners and their end customers.
  • CCSP gives partners faster speed to market as the technology sits in the cloud.
  • Partners can bundle multiple point solutions into a single solution for their clients.
  • FirstWave also enables rapidly scaled solutions built for large scale deployments in enterprise and government.

Team Experience

FCT team comprises a global team of cybersecurity experts in product, software development and sales supported by an experienced management team with over 30 years in global technology and telco companies.


Ordinary shares on market – ASX:FCT


Be the world’s preferred provider of enterprise-grade cybersecurity-as-a-service to businesses everywhere through our partners.


FCT Investor Update 4 Feb 2020:

  • FY21 H1 total revenue closed 5% ahead of plan at $4.07m with International Annualised Recurring Revenue up 125% to the half.
  • FY21 Q3 solid start with Total Annualised Recurring Revenue up 5% from Dec to Jan,
    and International Annualised Recurring Revenue up 38.5% from Dec 2020 to Jan 2021.

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