Food Entrepreneur Gearing Up To Create Hundreds of Jobs

Sydney March 2019. Confident of community support, local food entrepreneur FoodSt is gearing up to create jobs for hundreds of chefs and support workers out of work due to the rapidly escalating COVID 19 crisis.

In fact, FoodSt founder Lorraine Gnanadickam believes, “That once the community knows what we are trying to do to create jobs for displaced people, it will get right behind us and buy FoodSt meals.

“Our meals are created by some of the most talented home-cooks, caterers and chefs in the business and supported by well-established and strictly enforced systems as well as quality and food safety processes to ensure that meals are safe. This is right across food handling, hygiene, logistics and delivery,” she added.

FoodSt also offers a career alternative for career mums or dads for that matter with young children who want to be at home with the family.

For example, Michelle is a stay at home mum and caterer able to stay with her two young children by generating an income through FoodSt. Check out Michelle’s story on the second half of this video . Click here to watch.

From Cambodia, Iris has been cooking since she was nine years old when she was responsible for putting dinner on the family table. Iris joined FoodSt a year ago wanting to sell her dumplings. At the time, her husband was driving an Uber to support the family. Iris’ handmade dumplings were so popular on FoodSt that she has since launched a catering business and her husband has been able to stop driving an Uber through Iris’ income. FoodSt has given her the opportunity to learn, refine her products and earn an income.

A teacher, Micheline is from France and works part time in a restaurant (that has since cut her hours).  FoodSt is her source of income as she has been able to share her very popular beautiful French food.

“And given the current situation there has never has there been a better time to challenge the status quo, to look beyond the way things are, find opportunities and create new realities. For many of us the status quo means having a job and raising a family and that is precisely what FoodSt is designed to do during these difficult times,” Lorraine added.

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About Food St

FoodSt is a leading disruptive platform that connects passionate home-cooks with time poor people in the Sydney area.

To date the service has delivered over 3,500 homemade meals in the area of Sydney and now, with strong growth, and market validation geographical expansion is the next step.

FoodSt has regulatory approval, strong Founders and a Board with an impressive depth of experience. A highly scalable, strong business model that’s outlasting the competition.

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