Food technology company opens funding round for their plant-based product clinically proven to lower blood sugar, helping people with diabetes


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MediKane, an innovative Australian health company, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign to drive its next stage of growth, with a particular focus on its flagship product, NutriKane D, which has been clinically proven to lower blood sugar levels and reduce system inflammation.

NutriKane D is a natural, plant-based product developed using the scientific rigour of the pharmaceutical industry. It has been clinically proven in multiple studies to lower and control blood sugar levels by nourishing the gut with the complex biochemistry of whole foods.

Led by former FMCG executive Rod Lewis, and Dr Malcolm Ball, a high profile expert in pharmaceutical development, MediKane was launched 10 years ago when the founders saw an opportunity to apply the Food as Medicine philosophy to the treatment of chronic health conditions.

Rod Lewis, CEO and co-founder of MediKane, says, “Diabetes is one of the world’s fastest-growing chronic conditions, affecting more than 463 million people globally. And while there are many medications available that can help manage the symptoms, there are no pharmaceutical treatments available that can reverse or cure diabetes. We started MediKane with the aim of leveraging the principles of Food as Medicine to develop natural, plant-based products to prevent, manage and reverse chronic conditions. With NutriKane D, we’ve developed a product that has been clinically proven to lower and control blood sugar levels while also reducing inflammation.”

Australian-invented and Australian-made, MediKane’s goal is to expand their sustainable, profitable business internationally from home soil, increasing production and subsequent sales of NutriKane D in Australia and the USA, where demand for the product has never been stronger.

As well as NutriKane D, MediKane has hospital products and a pipeline of products for other chronic conditions. The business has been structured with five separate revenue streams, each with a separate market, including animal health.

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About MediKane Holdings

MediKane is a growth business selling to the Healthcare sector with six products at market and 3 other products set for launch in 2022.

The key market is diabetes and a secondary market is the hospital post-operative care market. Both of these products have been clinically proven to be fully effective in their applications.

All Products are plant-based and natural, with clinical trial and medical data showing the product meet customer medical needs and their expectations.

The IP is well protected via several US, Japanese and Australian patents backed with extensive Trade Secret data.

Annual sales are growing steeply with 5 channels to market. Key markets are Australia and the USA via a US subsidiary and then Asian markets.

An impressive pipeline of products has been partly developed for the treatment of several ‘comorbidities’ directly related to diabetes. One of these will be developed and launched as a therapeutic good product and it will be a breakthrough for persons living with Type 1 diabetes.

The team is completely committed and have the relevant experience.

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