ForexBriefcase has a Publicly Disclosed Track Record of 71% ROI over 2 Years and 1000+ Clients Globally

“The ForexBriefcase Managed Account service was launched in 2018, to provide friends and family of the founders with a unique opportunity to participate in the currency market. Over the years, ForexBriefcase has grown to reach retail and institutional investors around the world. ForexBriefcase is currently managing more than US$10m and have over 1000 clients worldwide. With the primary objective of capital appreciation through superior performance relative to other asset classes, the ForexBriefcase Managed Account offers investors access to proven proprietary trading skillsets, carefully managed risk, and high-quality customer service.

Tai Jin Dao, Founder and Managing Director, ForexBriefcase PTE LTD

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Investment Speciality

The Foreign Exchange market has been proven to be an asset class which has low correlation with all other asset classes. And therefore, is a suitable risk diversification tool in any investment portfolio.

Suitable for investors looking to participate in a segment which has low correlation with all other asset classes and can generate returns in all market cycles.

Unique Investing Methodology

With ForexBriefcase’s aim of delivering a high-quality product with capital appreciation through superior performance for investors, the trading team utilises a combination of both qualitative and quantitative methods. This strategy was developed by Jin and has been tested through live trading across a variety of market conditions over a period of close to 10 years.

Track Record

Since commencement, ForexBriefcase now have a global client base of more than 1000 clients. ForexBriefcase has generated a gross return of more than 82% for early investors and has accumulated a total Assets Under Management (AUM) of more than US$10 Million. Gross ROI generated in 2019 is 47.41% and 2020 is 23.88%. Combined ROI for 2019 and 2020 at 71%.

Team Experience

ForexBriefcase managing partner, Jin Dao Tai, is a currency trading specialist with over a decade of experience and an extremely strong track record. Throughout his career as a trader, he has generated superior returns because of his tactical and strategic trading style, discipline, and keen attention to risk management. As an international speaker and trading coach/trainer, he has also guided hundreds of traders around the world on his approach to the markets.

The Offer

Start your account at US$25,000.
1 Year Tenure.


  • 2-YEAR ROI 71%
    Publicly displayed track record.
    ForexBriefcase’s client base initiated from Singapore, progressively growing, and reaching the regional countries.
    No knowledge needed
  • Fund Security
    Independent & custodian trust accounts

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