From Doctors to Students

Vantari has successfully partnered with The University of Wollongong (UOW) to implement virtual reality training for medical students to practice procedures in a safe environment. The collaboration will kick off with Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) collection, a fundamental procedure done daily in hospitals and an essential skill for all students – the eventual junior doctors. The commercial pilot will be ably supported by the UOW research and clinical teams and the Graduate School of Medicine, who will clinically validate the software and publish findings.

As the pandemic continues to cause issues in Australia, the need to future proof education and training has never been higher. Vantari will utilise the ABG VR trainer to unlock a number of foundational procedures with a view to integrating more broadly into the medical curriculum both at UOW and nationally.

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About Vantari VR

Vantari is Virtual Reality training for Healthcare. Vantari helps doctors and students practice and perfect clinical procedures in VR in order to reduce medical error and save patient lives. Founded by clinicians in 2017, Vantari has positioned itself as the number 1 medical VR company in Australia with partnerships with major tertiary hospitals including Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Westmead Hospital and Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Vantari is a B2B SAAS business with a scalable digital platform which combines standardised learning with performance tracking to establish a new gold standard of procedural training. Their user engagement/satisfaction is >95% when compared to incumbents such as mannequins and cadavers which are unrealistic and do not mimic real life scenarios or complications. Their platform addresses all of these pitfalls and aligns with college guidelines to also reduce the subjective learning that occurs from traditional apprenticeship.

Vantari is raising a $2M bridge round to expand its team, technology and commercial pipeline.

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